Youths, Drugs and drinks in the Sharia states of Nigeria

Image result for nigerian drug addictI raised the issue of drug use by the sharia states two years ago precisely March 18, 2016. I wrote:

“Who is looking at the increased uptake of hard drugs in the sharia states of Nigeria? Seems they banished the mild alcohol (except fermented akamu) but don’t seem to give a hoot about narcotics such as skunk. Slowly and silently, those drug-using youths in Kano are dying daily and we are all to blame. How do we help curb this scourge?”

I got contributions from some friends:

Olumide Obayan  said I don’t know how to process the information.. I am not aware of death induced due to abuses of substances. The youth needs Education and their families love to make them feel worthy

Innocent Onyemaenu said According to the “Constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and sharia”, that is the result you get. You can’t eat your cake and have it. This constitution is tantamount to having two captains on a ship.

Inyang Effiong said Starting from Abuja. Anything that can be abused is abused. It’s an epidemic level stuff. And not just youths.  Young folks fresh from university are regular users or codeine and all sorts. Male and female.  Has spread down to Lagos too.

Emma Awokoya · said If I can get hold on the data I would so please to give it some scientific perceptive. Maybe someone would be more interested in it.

The Economoist once reported: “Still searching for the Ultimate Prize to brighten you life and make your friends envious? It is socially acceptable to take the worlds most dangerous drug, and its harm is well documented here!”

I hear some ethnic jingoist is blaming the problem on Igbo traders. Haaaa. There you go. Leaving leprosy and going after a minor ring worm.

There is a big problem out there, and it requires everyone to work at solving it, instead of trading blames.

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