Yoruba Proverbs and their Translations


S/No Yoruba Proverb English Translation Notes/Comments
1. Aile fenu ko lori akapo, nii mu ki kinihun ati ekun se ode won loto-oto It is the inability of the Lion and the Leopard to agree on who will be treasurer, that calls for them to hunt separately.
2. Aikoworin ni koya  je omo ejo. Ki oka siwaju, Ki paramole ati Sebe wa tele. Ki Ejola wa mo woruru bo lehin won. Tani je doju ko awon omo ajipolowo oro ninu oko? Creepers suffer when they fail to move in a convoy. If the viper leads, followed by the puffing adder and the cobra, with the python playing their rear admiral, who dare confronts these pre-dawn hawkers of such potent venom on the farm?
 3. Buruji to buru, oruko lo nro  A wicked Buruji is motivated by his name Buruji is a name. The word “buru” in Yoruba means wicked
4. Bo ba ngbo gbe gbe gbe, bi oo ba ba won gbee, won a gbe si ehinkule re ni! At the cry of Heave! Heave!! If you do not join in heaving, it will be dumped at your backyard!



5.  Adete ko le fun wara, sugbon o le da wara nu The leper cannot milk a cow, but can always spill the milk from a cow









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