Waiting for Buhari’s Saint Ministers

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Nigerians will get new ministers and ministries tomorrow. If the President scraps the Communication Technology Ministry, it will be a colossal loss for those of us who worked hard to nurture the ICT industry, but i will not blame PMB one bit. When the President came 30 years ago, there was NITEL. There was no Facebook, no google, no twitter and no MTN. Oil was the only earner.

Today, Google is worth $360bn, Facebook is worth $200bn, and NCC is worth $5bn. Reckoning just the fine MTN has to pay Nigeria within the next 2 weeks, while ignoring the cost of digital mobile licenses.Of course, NITEL is dead.

The President will rather man the Petroleum industry where the oil is drying up, instead of manning the ICT industry that can easily absorb engage Youths, while creating an alternative income stream apart from Oil, since cost reduction is the principal reason being touted for this important change.

I know i have the ears of the President, at least before the pronouncement at dawn. A ministry of Communications Technology and Youth Affairs more than makes sense to me. Put Culture, Tourism and Women Affairs together, but if you scrap the Communications Technology Ministry, you have taken the nation back to the stone age.

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