The United States of Israeli West-Africa

I woke up to a very Interesting perspective on the “taming of the shrew” and the various diplomatic blunders and brohaha around Naija and the American Embassy in Jerusalem.
As a secular nation, there is no doubt that we are deeply divided along ethnic and religious lines, with deep social, economic and political interests at play.
A couple of issues to tie together the matters, for those who have the time and responsibility to dig deep into the afflictions of Nigeria.

If you patiently read the first story [1] to the end, you will find our that some people are so gifted with the ability to deduce what was discussed behind closed doors sha! Nevertheless, the conspiracy theory therein requires further investigations.
So I went digging and found Interesting, especially while reading the story of the Moroccan king’s return at the Monrovian Airport, because Benji Netanyahu got to Monrovia Liberia first [2]
I am looking forward though, to the day a Northern Nigerian Governor will say .. Femi Fani-Kayode lied in his narrative [3] so come any member of CAN, I will give you C of O to build a church in any part of the city where you can buy land.
Perhaps CAN urgently needs to propose a “Churching Bill” as a direct response to some “Grazing Bill” instead of some “Ranching Bill”.
What do I know sef? Ahhhh I know one thing …. One Nation, One Destiny!!
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