The sacred Art of “Intelligent Intelligence” and lopsided Telecommunications Analyses.

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I read the response (…) of the erudite Telecoms Analyst – Kunle Arowojobe, to my facebook post (

I was very amused at the attempt to go after the messenger while ignoring the clear message. Sadly, the “analyst” was too lazy to research and confirm my pedigree and motivation. It is preposterous to assert or assume that I was defending my pot of soup, just as it is preposterous to assume that Arowojobe was commissioned to write the rejoinder. One can however assert that the NCC should be noble in ignoring such sycophants.

The main question (among many that I raised) was unanswered by our Telecoms Analyst. Let me put it again: Who is refiling the calls?

The Internet is a repository of information that anyone who knows basic Telecoms or Information Technology onions can easily infer who is “making sense” or who is “Masking Sense”.

Our erudite Kunle Arowojobe has published two analyses so far, three years apart:

1. Feb 24th 2015.…/…/arowojobe-how-the-guardian-missed-it/
Signed off with: “Arowojobe, a public analyst and telecoms enthusiast, lives in Lagos”

2. Feb 16th 2018…
Signed off with: Arowojobe, a telecoms analyst, lives in Ibadan

Beyond the address inconsistencies, our Telecoms Analyst got me laughing with a faux pas in the eighth paragraph, and I quote

“He is free to accuse NCC’s engineers of not doing investigation but those of us in the security circle have done ours”.

I have now done mine.

Are we dealing with a Security Analyst or a Telecoms Analyst or indeed a PR Consultant pretending to be both? The depth of security and intelligence (all pun intended) in this un-commissioned rejoinder in an indication of the abyss we sank into, where carpenters are masquerading as barbers in our dear industry. Quo Vadis?

Since Arowojobe said it is all about National Security and nothing more, It was Albert Einstein that said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

I submit that we cannot sincerely deal with security issues, if responsible analysts mask their affiliation and pedigree. That is what we call “Fake Article” laced with “Hate Speech” in cyberspace. It is worse than call refiling and number masking. Our regulator should distance itself from such sycophants who have simply proven me right. An insult on our collective intelligence as a nation.

I shall not dignify Arowojobe or indeed anyone with a response on this matter again. It will be a waste of my precious time, if it is not a televised debate.

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