The Aka-Ikenga of Osun State

In the news, the upcoming coronation of the indefatigable “Aka Ikenga of Osun state”.
From a beaded crown perched on his “omoge” aka Olori [1], to blings blings on trademark faded rasta jeans in the palace [2], then the pre-vote-of-thanks scuffle with the Ooni of Ife [3] and now a Coped Arabian Sultanate [4], There is no dull moment with the Oluwo of Iwo and his nice and accommodating people.

I just love the profligacy of the Yoruba race. Great institutions with resplendent cultures but intellectually poor guardians. Indeed interlopers of all shades masquerading as authorities. There is probably a “Wakandan killmonger” seating on most of those yoruba thrones right now.
Iwo has always been the land of “cloaked” (all pun intended) action in religious tolerance, since the Aregbesola Hijab drama [5]. Now the cultural custodian gaangaan has decided to add an ethnic slant. Pure “Afowofa”
Wetin Iwo people don see? Comot more birds for pocket joo! take advantage of your liberal people. Just one more title bro … “Aka-Ikenga of Osun State”. Second base o Jare!!


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