Some questions …. As Omo-Ettu quits DBI

Engr. Titi Omo-Ettu (70+), NITEL Pensioner, Past President of the Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), Founder of CyberschuulNews and the one-man highly potent critic of the successful Pentascope scam that milked NITEL amidst our cries, is not a man to ignore when he speaks.
He had previously openly admitted that ‘ComTech industry growth is declining, future looks turbulent’ [1]
Just yesterday, he voluntarily stepped down (RESIGNED) as the Chairman of the Digital Bridge Institute (DBI), the Institution set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria, to train the needed manpower in the communications Industry, under the supervision of the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC),

His reason? Better to be able to speak about a wrong step that the Government is about to take, without Yam clogging his mouth.
What step? Something to do with D-NA, not who is the father or the mother, but … Digital Nation Africa. You can read him on why, in his own words on his personal blog [2] The Digital Nation Africa (D-NA) is an initiative of IBM, with various online courses (
Is the D-NA program a blessing that will lead to brain gain or is it another means of brain drain? According to an Interview by the Guardian with Dipo Faulkner, the Country GM of IBM [3], IBM “The D–NA programme combines digital knowledge with practical understanding, supporting African youth to apply this to real-world learning; opening the door for them to qualify for jobs of the future and build their digital careers – all on one comprehensive free online platform“.
So .. If the Nigeria Government goes ahead to sign a partnership with IBM, as reported in the news [4]  “which seeks to bridge the huge digital literacy gap in Nigeria” without the Digital Bridge Institute with a function or role or executive capacity, there is surely a cause to worry.  
So … did Engr Titi Omo-Ettu do the right thing by stepping down at this point in time?
What role will DBI and our Universities and other Digital Centers play in D-NA?
What is really not clear in the MOU, is what Government will be doing to make the people in the Rural areas of Nigeria access the IBM content, which is actually online and Free.
Is this another loading scam or a blessing that we must not miss?

Questions! Questions!! Questions!!!


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