SF’s 2015 Todo list

Happy New Year!!  

2014 was busy for me, but much more wonderful, with many people thinking I have finally ventured into politics. Well, politics is just one of the things that fascinate me, but it is not one of the top 5, nor what I will invest my time and energy into. So, if not Politics, what can it be?

Here is my list of Todos in 2015.

  1. Automate my home. Alternative power, managed by plenty of intelligent and independent Arduinos, all reporting to a Raspberry PI acting as the Field Marshall. Internet of things, all accessible via the net

  2. Been experimenting with automated trading on the Nigerian Stock exchange. Using Moving Averages and Bollinger bands to buy and sell stocks. Even with the depression of the stock market, I am seeing some interesting results. I plan to write my exploits into a book.

  3. Make some simple Training Videos for one of the wonderful organizations that I am affiliated with.

  4. Celebrate the life and times of my Paternal Grand Father. A geek-of-his-time per-excellence. This year, it will be 20 years since he took his final breath. We have a whole year to plan, for the gig on 25th  December 2015. God keep us all, as I hope to invite you to my country home for the celebrations. Mark your diaries now.

  5. Get closer to God. What else can I say? Is that not obvious?

Well, that pretty much is it. I will document each of these projects as they unfold. Stay tuned.

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