A Fuss of Travel trigonometry, because My life’s Tan Thetha eq 1-1-Root-2

Half way through reading the various birthday related posts on my wall, I decided that it will be easier for me to write this note, than attempt to respond to the various posts, which all reflect the rich diversity and breadth of my Family (Same Mother or Different Mothers), Friends (Current, Ex and Excesses) and Associates (Business, Usual and Unusual).

Friends, co-workers and professional children from many generations. I am most pleased with the ones who have given me biological grand-children.

I have had a week-long Birthday celebration, starting with the surprise bash on the 1st of October 2011 by the Modern (Not Ancient) SKANNET Crew, represented by a select few led by the indefatigable Christy Olayinka (Small outside, Powerful inside). They asked to celebrate me now, not when I die in some unpredictable future.  Their thoughts, words and gifts (including a giant LCD TV)  is quite appreciated. I look forward (God’s Grace) to hosting you all next year, and please come with my professional grand-children.

Miss u kids!! If we add another one because you are all gone to some school … don’t blame us!! Home is now boring 😉

Thursday was 6th October was a very special day because our oldest daughter started life as an undergraduate in a Private University, pursuing her dream to study computer Science. With physical access to my vast library that includes such oldies such as Numerical Recipes in C, Algorithms and Structures, Compiler Design, and Principles of Assembly Language Programming, not to mention Flex, Hello World in Android etc,  she got herself into a tight corner, because … she should neither make nor have excuses!! Good Luck Oreoluwa, I know you will make me proud.

With all the kids gone to various schools and an empty home, this is the perfect opportunity for me to start the music all over again. … or should I ask who pressed the Pause button?

Men should not press the unPause now, neither should women. The consequences may last a very long time, much longer than 9 months. ….

Dinner time with Chief Bisi Akande, Senator Adeyeye, Dr Petu and Mrs Folayan. The food has since disappeared, and the wine is fast gone.

Friday 7th October started in Ibadan with my Wife and Cousin (Dr Kunle Petu) and ended as a night of Food, Fun and Gists with Senator Sola Adeyeye (ACN Osun) and Chief Bisi Akande (Chairman ACN) at his Ila-Orangun Country home. These amazing duo (ok … u wannna know? They are of the same Igbomina stock with my Mother) kept us reeling with laughter, recounting their attempts to win elections in Nigeria.  We had lectures on how to run a Local Government without stealing, How to run a State without looting, and how to generally lead in a cash-solves-it-all Nigeria. I think the real beneficiary of that fun courtesy call is no other than Mrs Folayan. Don’t ask me why!

Saturday 8th October was our 17th Wedding Anniversary, which was celebrated in the Presence of the Lord at St Peters Cathedral Iloffa, attending the Annual Anglican Synod as a Bishop Nominee. It was a most refreshing time listening to very real lessons from the Bible..

Sunday 9th October started very early, with Happy Birthday from my Sweetheart … followed by my Mum, then my Dad. Apologies to all my motherless and Fatherless friends. Just recite … Our Father, who art in Heaven, and you will feel better.  Next was a phone call from my Nieces,  the Adeagbo Ochestra, who gave me a beautiful rendition of “Happy Birthday” complete with the discord … “How old are you now …”.

Sunday morning crusade in Ilofa. Yes dummy! .. the Cameraman cannot feature in the picture.

I joined the Synod procession in our nice Orange Aso-Ebi for the early morning evangelism in Ilofa. See picture below. I am impressed by the energy and vision of the Bishop, the Right Revd. Ajayi. E ku ise Sir.

By 9am, We were on the way to St Matthew’s church in far-away Ilorin, assisting my father Ven Stephen Tunde Folayan who received an award for planting the Church some 5 years ago, before his retirement. I accused him of not making me futuristically rich, by being the Prophet, Pastor, Founder and Treasurer of many churches. Story for another day.

The Afternoon was with the newly installed Asiwaju of Ilare-Land (Osun State), my Bosom friend … Chief Oyedeji Olajubu who added another feather to his etu cap (Oye Amori O!). He is the Balogun of Molade, the Gbobaniyi of Otan-Ile and a host of other Chieftancy titles. When I grow up, I will like to be like him 😉 Thanks for being a friend indeed.

My One and Only Nephew called later this evening, complaining that he deliberately called late because I forgot to wish him happy Birthday when it was his turn earlier. One bad turn deserves another, he said. I promptly apologized, cos he is the wrong guy to tangle with. When you have a Nephew like Damola, there is no dull moment!!

I cannot but end without saying Thanks to my Brother from my other Mother – Cleven Eleven Mmari – THANKS Bro!! 2011 without you, is like Tea without Sugar.

I have enjoyed the best this year, in the presence of Family, Friends and Associates. You have all been wonderful. Thanks for all the Calls, tweets, SMSes, Posts and thoughts!! I am still counting my blessings …. Surely age is a thing of the mind … That is if you really followed my trigonometry and rants!!!

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