Senate “House of Commotion”

Image result for senate of NigeriaI am sure you are wondering …. what is it with the Senate “House of commotion”?
Bottom line … estranged robbers fighting over their loot and the looting formula.
Where will it all end?
The following chronology should help you understand the brohaha:

1. Nov 2016: Ondo PDP Senator, Yele Omogunwa decamped to APC.
2. Dec 2016: The other PDP Senators were not happy with the defection and the way the Senate leadership responded, so they staged a walk-out. Thus Omo-Agege the only Senator from the Labour Party was elected as the temporary Minority Leader in the Senate. He thus tasted largess.
3. Mar 2017: Omo-Agege eventually decamps to the ruling APC. Decamping to the ruling party is not easy. it is not beans. It is access to National cake if you have political worth, or introduction into oblivion, like Olagunsoye Oyinlola’s surjourn into the APC.
4. Feb 2018: Senate moves to amend the electoral act, to have the order (a) National Assembly election (b) States House of Assembly and Governorship elections (c) Presidential election. instead of holding the Assembly and Presidential elections on the same day.
5. Feb 2018:  Remember the 1983 NPN Bandwagon effect? If not, you must be unborn or too young!! The success of the Senators at the initial polls, based on the support of the President for them, will dictate their support for the President at the last poll. A subtle blackmail of “rub my back, I rub your back”
6.  Feb  2018: Omo-Agege openly declares the support of his constituents for Buhari.  Nothing goes for nothing in Nigeria.  You cross for free? You campaign for free?
7.  Feb 2018:  In support of his new-found-love, Omo-Agege attacks his own, the Senate.  Alleging that the reason for  the poll re-order was to sabotage his new-found master.
8.  Mar 2018:  The Senate moves to clip the wings of the Elephant in its room.
9. Apr  2018: Omo-Agege  goes  to court, to stop the Senate from moving against him.
10. Apr 2018: In deference to the court, and against its own standing rules Senate suspends Omo-Agege for 90 legislative days.
11.  Apr 2018: Omo-Agege storms the Senate chamber with some of his constituents, and they made away with the mace, the symbol of Authority of  the Senate.
12.  18 Apr 2018: Police arrest Omo-Agege for the theft of the Senate Mace
According to my friend, the erudite lawyer, Babatunde Ogala on the theft of the Mace:

It is a highly condemnable act of brigandage and assault not just on the legislature but the constitution. It is sheer anarchy.  But in so saying, one must note that the Senate set the stage for the madness and anarchy it with the suspension of Senator Omo-Agege in flagrant disregard of the Senate Rules and the Orders of Court.

And why do I say so? The rules of the Senate has expressly provided that once a matter is pending before a court of law, the Senate shall not deliberate on same or do any act that may interfere with the proceedings of the court.

Senator Omo-Agege had gone to court and obtained an order of Court to restrain the Senate and it’s Committee on Ethics and Privileges from taking further steps on the investigations of his conduct pending the determination.of the suit.

Despite receiving the Order of Court , the Senate at plenary rather than stay action proceeded to condemn the order of Court and abuse the the judge who granted the order .

It even had the temerity to adopt a motion to write and indeed wrote to the Chief Justice of Nigeria threatening and asking him to call judges to order.

And as if that was not enough, it still went ahead to invite the senator who when he attended the committee sitting declined to speak and reminded the committee of the order of Court and also reminded it of the provision of the Senate rules that prohibits it from deliberating on a matter that’s lis pendis .

Nothwitstanding the order of court and it’s rules, the Senate set both aside and went on to suspend Senator Omo-Agege.

It will be recalled that before the instant case, the Federal High Court had earlier delivered judgement in Senator Ali Ndume v NASS and ruled that the Senate or any legislative house had no constitutional powers to suspend an elected member and that same is unlawful, unconstitutional, null and void.

The Senate being aware of its own rules, the judgement in Ali Ndume case and the order in Omo – Agege case still went ahead to purpoetedly suspend the senator .

All in all i condemn the act of desecrating the hallowed chambers by the alleged Omo-Agege thugs, but hold the Senate fully responsible for laying the foundation for the desecration and anarchy”.

Grab your popcorn,the drama is just starting ….  It will end when the Presidential election is over.
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