Scammed on a Senseless Cruise

Waiting they a Thousand Guests
To see them take their Solemn Vow
Preening much his gait and charm
Always prompt to dote on her
Dishing it in endless love
Oh, What a promising Cruise!

They took to sea on a rainy day
Making Her His focal point
Daily tending, daily mending
Always making Queenly She
So she slept in wonder lost
Oh, what a fun-filled Cruise!

Came in haste the Scamming point
Late nights or demanding boss
Endless lunch, extended trips
Praying time will pass and soon
indeed, past-time it soon became
Oh, what a Drifting Cruise!

Sailor, Skipper, Captain, Boss
Changing course at will he did
Never patient ever charged
daily raging always caging
Punching Fists and kicking butts
Oh, what a trying Cruise!

Meekly sought opportune She
To bring her pains attention see
A wounded Soldier-like he charged
Tears on tears, he tore at her
Her will he broke and broke again
Oh, What a heartless Bull!

Faint with hope, she clung on love
Broken, Battered Bruised and All
always sobbing, hardly praying
only hoping less a Prey
Love gone sour and soap gone bad
Oh, what a senseless Cruise!

– Sunday Folayan © 2010

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