REGISTERI.NG – Goodluck Jonathan’s latest latest MIDAS touch

GOLD has been found in Nigeria, and in large quantities. This finding is definitely another great and noteworthy achievement of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s leadership … much more than his discovery of Facebook or any other serious tweets or comments by the President’s friends … and I am not being cheeky!!! 

The GOLD that has been found is not that non-rusting metal with the chemical symbol .au, but the digital gold with the International Standards Organization (ISO) digital symbol .ng

Nigeria has opened up the second level of its digital identity on the Internet. You need not register domains with secondary classification extensions like (for commercial organizations), (for non-governmental organizations) (for names) etc. See my now obsoleted previous write-up on registering under the appropriate second level domain.

Of course, you can still register under these well-known secondary domains, but the ability to directly register under the second level is pure GOLD!

So, what makes it GOLD?

Simply because most ACTION VERBs end with ng, and we Nigerians are doers!!,,,,, name it – we love to do things!! And yes, I knew you are just too dull to know that I deliberately excluded the exclusive preserve of the lazy ones –!! Words such as advertisi,ng,,,, etc can be registered and they are valid domain names. So, is a valid website name!!

Opening up .ng is a very smart move, and of great economic benefit. Whereas the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has opened up the global Top Level Domain (TLD), it is for a pricey $185,000 per domain, compared to the $100 for the Nigerian equivalent. So, you can register for $100 or http://cooking for $185,000. Can you see the glittering GOLD? 

For now, Trademarks, one and two letters are not allowed. You can not register (That belongs to Microsoft) (That is two letters), (too similar to and (Which will be auctioned on a later date).

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, through any of the accredited registrars of the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NiRA). Of course, and shamelessly, I will not be telling you this, if I am not affiliated with one of the Registrars – SKANNET. For $100 or NGN15,000, you can register your preferred vanity domain by choosing Domains and Hostings from the SKANNET website, or by clicking here now. You can pay with VISA, Mastercard, paypal or any of the other payment options.

Got questions? Please do ask them here, for the benefit of others.

Are you still thinking of joining the Gold Rush? Well, let me give you a boost, by asking you to use the promotional code SFOLAYAN wherever is is prompted, to get an instant rebate of N500 on each domain you choose to register.  And don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

What are you still waiting for? The link? Its here!! 

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