Rampaging misguided Lagos hoodlums

So … yesterday, some misguided Yoruba traders (or hoodlums) decided to roast some Hausa traders in the streets of Lagos because of a squabble at the Mile 12 Market. It is a shame because if misguided Hausas decide to roast Yorubas in the streets of Kano tomorrow, Social Media will shout Boko Haram and Islam. What will you call the show of shame in Lagos? Perfectly safe to conclude that the majority of those criminals are Moslems, why? Just check out the demography of traders in the South-Western Nigeria.

If at this point you are reading this to mean that all Moslems are criminals, you need to see a shrink. What I am saying is that the fact that Moslems are killing Moslems inside Lagos, shows that race divides us sharper than religion. Period. There is still the Fulani Cattle rearers slaughtering the Agatus in Benue State or the sad burning of the Anglican Cathedral in my village, by Anglicans from the next village. All these point to the absence of mutual respect and Social Justice, replaced with hate. Gradually, we are accelerating, after our initial gentle descent into anarchy.

Dear Nigerian, you are the real enemies of yourselves, forget about Donald Trump’s comments on Nigerians. Leave American politics alone and focus on creative love, compassion and respect within Nigeria, and the world will copy.

Whether you are Fulani, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Egun, Awori, Gwari, Baruba, Kosubosu, Tapa, Bassa, Gunnu, Okun, efik, Ijaw, or even Koloruko, we are all part of a big ecosystem and we need ourselves to thrive.

According to a Yoruba proverb, transliterated – “Slithers suffer because they don’t flock together. If the Viper leads, followed by the Boa with the Python playing the role of a Rear-Admiral, who dare engages these peddlers of very potent venom in the farm?”.

We will be a great nation if we flock together. Lord Luggard did not make a mistake, you are the one making the mistake by refusing to make the union work, get used to that fact.

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