Ebola again reveals The prize of professionalism in Nigeria

ebola-virusThe message was circulated via sms and whatsapp. It read …

“Avoid First Consultants Medical Centre Ltd, Obalende, Lagos, The victim in the first case of Ebola identified in Nigeria has died in the hospital. Do not go near Obalende”.

As I read the message, My mind swung immediately, into unraveling the puzzle. How could the virus have been identified in the patient and by who?

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Chinaman and his Nigerian domain names

I started my Quadrocopter story with

“Sunday 29th December 2013 started as a very slow day, with a rude Skype call at 6.30am from disgruntled Chinese domain name trader, who has promised to make me famous. Story for another day”.

After a friend drew my attention to the post on http://domaingang.com/domain-news/nigerians-favor-com-national-cctld/#comment-17988 I decided it was time to tell some of the story … in my own words. Unfortunately, you have to read a lot, to get the full gist.

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Introducing Free.lanci.ng

I have been busy cooking …. Allow me introduce to you, the freelancing website created by Nigerians for Nigerians – https://free.lanci.ng

With computers everywhere and a reasonable Internet connectivity, it is now possible for everyone to work comfortably from the comfort of the home, working in diverse areas of interest and taking advantage of the various skills in Nigeria, and the various opportunities on the Internet. Most Nigerians who patronize popular freelancing websites face one or more of the following challenges: Continue reading “Introducing Free.lanci.ng”

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BVN. NIMC’s Nemesis or Nunc Dimitis?

As expected, the Central Bank of Nigeria have decided to press ahead with the introduction of the Bank Verification Number BVN. I expected this, having watched the successful introduction of the Nigerian Uniform Banking Account Number (NUBAN).

Whats is BVN?

BVN gives each bank customer a unique identity across the Nigerian Banking Industry that can be used for easy identification and verification at the point of banking operations. According to the BVN website  (http://www.bvn.com.ng), BVN gives a unique identity that can be verified across the Nigerian Banking Industry (not perculiar to one Bank). Customers Bank Accounts are protected from unauthorized access and it will address issues of identity theft thus reducing exposure to fraud. The Customer’s unique BVN is accepted as a means of identification across ALL Nigerian Banks. The Banks will capture facials and the ten fingerprints of each customer that completes the registration at the Bank branches.

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Raiders of Nairaland’s lost Data. Lessons for we mere mortals

 HackerThat Nairaland was hacked is no longer news. The hacker nicked the entire user database before zapping (/bin/rm -Rf /) the system.


Finally, restoration efforts came too late, because Nairaland maintained a backup into a media mounted on the same physical machine. The Site is back to some backup 5 months old. For the largest online rendezvous for Nigerians with over 1 million users, that is a disaster of the scale of 200 times Chernobyl.

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Ibadan Plane/Quadrocopter/flying hobby gone awry. The abridged story

Image result for quadrocopterI live in the rural area, and enjoy the rousing chirps of birds every morning. Sunday 29th December 2013 started as a very slow day, with a rude Skype call at 6.30am from disgruntled Chinese domain name trader, who has promised to make me famous. Story for another day.

I got dressed at 8am hoping to go to get to church before 9.30am, but I neither got to church, nor back to my home until 9.30pm. My neighbour came calling at 9am to inform me that he just monitored the Yoruba news analysis on the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) that our missing plane may have been found in the neighbourhood. I assured him I will get to BCOS after the Service, not knowing that church was a pipe dream!

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Tribute and Personal tales around Baba Oluwide Omojola

Baba, making his speech at his 75th Birthday Death is a debt we must all pay. That this widely known but not widely celebrated, and for many years, totally unsung activist, died after presenting a paper at the pre-meeting of the proposed National Conference, is proof that he walked his talk, doing exactly what he swore to die doing, Activism!!

To death so bowed Baba Oluwide Omojola, the one we all call Baba. Born 13th July 1938, Economist and 1961 Graduate of the London School of Economics, Member of the Honourable Society of the Inner temple of London (1962), Fellow of the Royal Economic Society of England (1963), Life Member, Nigeria Economic Society (1984), Social crusader, NADECO (1994) Chieftain, Social Crusader, Chairperson: June 12 Coalition of Democratic Formations, Member of the South South Commission on Science & Technology. Director of Organisation: Movement for National Reformation, National Coordinator: Socialist Revolution Vanguard, Chairperson: programme Committee, Socialist Party of Nigeria. President Oodua Liberation Movement & Chairman, Board of Trustees, Aare Apapo Omo Oodua, Managing Editor: Mass Line, Member, Board of Tustees: Young Farmers Club, President of Council, Gender & Development Action, President: Action Group (Party of Environment, Labour, Human rights, Civil liberties, Political, Economic, Humanist etc. activists of Nigeria, and many other things. He took his last breath on Saturday 19th October 2013.

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Baba Omojola’s snapshots from life

Baba OmojoaSnapshots from life


Lagos, 24th August 2015 

A luck-luster life as mine does not deserve speech making. But perhaps I am living through momentous events, histrionic and gorged with cataclysms, I venture, Comrade Chairman, to glide through a few snapshots or drop-outs from life, mainly in the last century.

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