My list of the Ten probable Obamas in Nigeria

Like a forceful gale, Obama did not only achieve stardom in America, he now rules the world!

Americans in their tens of millions, recognized the latent talent of the Senator turned President – Barack Hussein Obama. They defied all odds to ensure that they elect the one who brought hope while they languished under the rule of the clueless Bush, with the message – “Yes, we can!”.

I watched the precision election collation process from my hotel room in Cairo, the “too close to call, and then the calls, …. the fall of Florida and then the gracious concession speech by John McCain. What finally drew the tears from my eyes, was when I saw Jesse Jackson drop tears, in celebration of the accomplishment of his compatriot. It was moving.

The celebrations in Nigeria must have made the celebration in Kenya, or even Kogelo look like Child’s play. Very many Nigerians have consoled themselves with the assurance that there are quite a number of Obamas in Nigeria, who are waiting in the near time of tomorrow, to enact the American magic.

I decided to compile my list of the Ten probable Obamas in Nigeria. At the end, I came up with this list ….

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Dearth of professionals or what?

A careful survey of the top positions in Nigeria’s growing telecom market shows a declining involvement of Nigerian professionals in most of the key companies that operate in the market.

Perhaps one exception to the rule is the ever changing zain. Having executed the rename command a couple of times (celtel, Vee, vodacom, Econet etc). Zain Nigeria is run by Adebayo Ligali.

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