The unforced errors of the Oyo State ACN Government

I have always wondered how Rashidi Ladoja of the Accord Party managed to garner so much votes in the last elections in Oyo State. I got the answer yesterday, together with a nasty feelings that Abiola Ajimobi will rule Oyo State for only one term, not more. This will not his fault, but the retinue of clueless aids that assist him execute projects in Oyo State.

I live in the grass-root. I live amongst the people who feel the pinch of Government’s stupidity the most. Apete, an area made popular by the Students of the Polytechnic Ibadan, notable for its affordable and student-friendly accommodation. Apete is bounded in the East by the Polytechnic Ibadan, in the South by Lake Eleyele, the largest portable water source for Ibadan, in the North by Ajibode, a neighbouring village to the University of Ibadan and in the West is Akufo, a village well on the way to Iddo and Omi-Adio.

After the ravaging floods in August 2011, the only bridge into Apete was overrun by one of the many rivers that feeds the Eleiyele dam. Indeed, the community was cut-off from civilization until the water receded after 3 days. The Government promised a fix but did not get around to it until this rainy season.

Perhaps due to the dearth of Engineers to give proper construction tips, or the executive power to build a second bridge while the old bridge continues to serve, the ACN government pulled down the bridge, building a new one from scratch. So far the pace of construction can be described as baby-snail pace. As a bonus pain to the residents, they also pulled down the tiny culvert that links the community to Ajibode, an Alternative route that leads to the University of Ibadan.

The poor residents of Apete have to travel Westwards, towards Eruwa, before making a detour to link the Ologuneru to Eleiyele road. Daily commute distance – 50km. Travel time – 2 hours, if you factor the Oluguneru to Eleiyele traffic. If you understand that fuel is a pricey N97 per litre now, you will clearly see why Apete residents deserve fuel subsidy from the Oyo State Government.

The pain is not on Apete residents alone, It is interesting to note that they also pulled down the major bridge that links Agodi with Bodija, causing commuters a lot of pains navigating through the streets of Bodija.

I decided to take a stroll mid-day on Saturday, and ended up with other residents discussing our plight and the manner of Government we voted for. The people’s parliament went into full session.

One parliamentarian paid glowing tribute to the leadership acumen of Lootenant Adebayo Alao-Akala, how he could never have taken down that bridge without working out an alternative route. It was very painful listening to Lootenant Akala being described in such superlative terms. However, where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise.

Another parliamentarian posited that Ajimobi is brilliant and has very good intentions, but does not seem to have clued aides. He submitted that his excellency relies on the likes of Lam Adesina to think through his policies for him.

A parliamentarian explained that the ACN Government is aloof and too egalitarian in thinking. How will they not do stupid things? He wondered. According to him, reading book is not the same as reading common sense, a course that is in short supply in the ruling government.

Contributor after contributor took the ruling government to the cleaners. Particularly because they are not a listening Government. I listened with rapt attention, because these are the people of Oyo State. My mind wondered to the issue of the Agbowo Shopping complex, Finally, the Speaker ruled. “This Government is a comedy of errors. They act before they think. Our immediate past Governor, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala is more intelligent than they are”. Then, I almost had convulsion of the brain! If you want to a little insight into why? read my earlier piece on Akala

I left the make-shift Apete parliament building, digesting the pieces of the people’s mind. I just could not come to terms with the glowing tributes that were heaped on Akala. However, these are the citizens. The voters that matter if the votes count and the fiefing counts don’t vote.

 With the exit of Adedibu and his withered political influence, the PDP just needs to get a credible, clued, loved and trusted candidate like Rashidi Ladoja and the ACN can kiss Oyo State bye-bye in the next elections.

This is Vox Populi, and it will be such a big shame if it becomes Vox Dei.

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