The Permanent Ombulella Dame

Bayelsa State of Nigeria will soon establish itself as a state that produces Governors who leave the State house for the jail House. That is the only destination for the incumbent Governor after his tenure, and the restoration of sanity in that rich state that seems to have no development plan.

Dateline 11th July 2012. The State Governor has deemed it fit to exercise his powers, by promoting an absent with undocumented leave (ABDUL) Civil servant who is currently acting (with pomp and pageantry) as the Executive First Lady of Nigeria.

The Serving First Lady will now double as a Permanent Secretary in the State Civil Service. Only in Nigeria!

This elevation is clearly an indication that the Civil Service, once the pride of the nation is a ghost of itself, and a caricature of governance. How can there be reasonable development, I mean any development with these types of jokes.

Perhaps the President was not consulted by his wife on the appropriateness of accepting such an appointment. How will she carry out her functions? What about the responsibilities attached to being the Wife of the President? make a weekly shuttle between Abuja and Yenagoa?

Seems the Tax payers will once again bear the brunt of this executive recklessness, because the Presidential Jet will now frequent Port-Harcourt initially (Because there is no Airport in Bayelsa) at least twice a week. The construction of the approved Otuoke International Airport will now be a matter of National Priority. Another avenue to plunder.

These are indeed depressing news, that further shows that our nation is drifting at sea, totally contained in an ombulella.

Lord have Mercy!!

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