My Oga at the Top Compilation

The Original Interview that started the fun. The Lagos State Commander of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) Mr Obafaiye Shem was a guest on the Channels TV Sunrise Show.

Some folks made it their Display profile

… and some thought he could have made it as a Millionaire without being Aroma

It Instantly became a hit Nollywood movie

Oga at the top has been made into a fast action Arcade game by the  game writers at I must say that the game is cool and interesting to play. Chase as many letters that make up NSCDC, while climbing to the top to meet the oga at the top, but avoiding top level domains.

It was mixed into various forms, and featured very many artists. See three top hits below, or you can just checkout “Oga at the top” on

There is even an American version, that tries to popularize the much danced Azonto in the process.


Some folks went ahead to make T-Shirts out of it. beautiful T-Shirts I must say, and obviously, some people will smile to the bank.

Some Decided to make cartoons out of it. Making a joke out of a serious malady that has already ruined a nation. Now, they brought madam into the fray at this point. Poor madam. i thought she is above Oga at the top!

Obama was also made to acknowledge his own oga at the top. Kai, these Nigerians sef!

The Advertisers soon latched onto the buzz phrase …. or is this a wind assisted advertisement record?

There were also simple Facebook Status messages such as …

I would have reported that many government agencies have outdated websites fraught with stale information but my #MyOgaAtTheTop may have a different opinion on why that is the case.

Or even more serious issues …

Dont ask me how long will I remain single and get married, still awaiting orders from above, cos dont wanna say one thing and my Oga at the top will say something else.#

Some even perfected the My Oga at the Top Dance Steps!!lIIvbab

But Oga at the Top is not God who forgives out sins. Like every production, it all ends with persecution or righting of the wrong, or whatever your own opinion is.

And Madam went in search of the origin of the embarrassment

The wife of the NSCDC Commandant that was ridiculed in the crazy “My Oga At The Top” video has been reported to have barged into Channels TV studio today to protest bitterly to the chairman of Channels on the demages the crazy video has caused his family.
She said her kids are been riddiculed at school everyday and her neighbors and fellow market women make jest of her everyday, and to make matter worse, she says her husband can’t sleep at night again cos of the terrible embarrasment the video has caused him and he cries every night.

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