NIMC + JAMB Courtship wey the Parents?

Some early-morning muses.

On the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) courtship,  I am here trying to connect some dots. What you will call conspiracy theory of the lowest order …

1. JAMB was going to get NIMC to capture and have the candidates just submit NIN so that JAMB can pull the data from NIMC … 2 million odd candidates. Way to go. Kudos.

2. Candidates and relatives show up at NIMC to capture and get their NIN … 10 million of them. 5 times the anticipated number. “Unintended and unanticipated consequences”

3. NIMC had indeed done more than 50% of the bombardment, before throwing in the towel, perhaps (and I stand to be corrected) because JAMB had a very strict timeline, the lines were growing and resources were ebbing away faster than anticipated.

4. There being no other critical user of NIN at that point in time, could NIMC not have just registered JAMB candidates as a matter of priority for at least 3 weeks to catch up? Was it an oversight to activate that option?

5. Now that JAMB is going its own proven way in 2020, it will still capture biometric data using its existing mechanism and processes. It is a user that has extensively used the full biometrics in conducting exams. Can that acquisition not be used in populating the NIMC database by just allocating NIN to those JAMB Reg. Numbers and importing the data? A sort of beggar becoming the giver?

6. Isn’t that reversal in 5, the way forward and the best thing to do, for NIMC to use JAMB as a proof of concept? Who is afraid of biting that bullet?

7. Could NIMC not have negotiated a service charge with JAMB for the services rendered, considering its funding situation? Was that option considered? If yes, Where did that option fail? If not, why not?

8. When will NIMC and Nigeria Population Commission (NPC) run into each other and give us paradise? Could those anticipating the outcome of this end game also be the saboteurs of every great NIMC move that gets aborted?

Let me halt my muse at this point. Just to drop it here and get those concerned to start thinking of the missed win-win opportunity that this NIMC+JAMB courtship was.

I am here humming:

“Nigerians, seek ye not yet repose” …

“Pray that help may be sent down” ….

“Watch and pray”

Good morning and a blessed day.

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2 Replies to “NIMC + JAMB Courtship wey the Parents?”

  1. Hmmmm… Food for thought. Nigeria and peculiar challenges.

    Why do we have BVN and then NIN and soon TIN when in US , just get Social Security Number and you are good to go with all agencies requiring a checkable number?

    Nigeria we hail thee!

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