Nigeria Air and the ancient scam

Image result for nigeria airStill on Nigeria Air …. Let us connect the dots and draw the lines!

I am not saying it is a scam, Nigerians cannot be scammed.
I am not saying it is not a scam, PMB may not be aware.

I am only saying that “what we know about what exists” and “what we do not know about what does not exist”, …. may tend towards the usual and now perfected privatization scam

Remember how we ended up with NITEL, TRANSCORP, GENCOs and DISCOs? We were scammed!

Let us dissect the innocent but probable “scam in progress”, construct the “Conspiracy Theory” and the [References]

1. Buhari is a good man and means well [1,2]
2. There was Nigeria Airways [3]
3. It is very important for Nigeria to have an Airline [4]
4. Nigeria owns AMCON [5]
5. AMCON has taken over AERO and ARIK (airlines operating nationally and Internationally) [6]
6. AMCON wants to sell AERO and ARIK [7]
7. There are investors ready to buy the Airlines from AMCON [8]
8. Nigeria can not and should not run an airline [9,10]
9. Nigeria plans to float another Airline via PPP [11]
10. Nigeria goes ahead to Launch an Airline with float-in-progress [12]

But the story will not end.

Should Nigeria not just re-brand ARIK and AERO as “Nigeria Air” and sell some of its shares to those interested and identified core investors now, and not later?

The conspiracy theory and how it may transmute to become a scam:

A. If Somebody goes to bring an Airline from faraway Wakanda, say WakandaAir as the partner to run Nigeria Air It becomes a NITEL-Pentascope scam [13]

B. If Nigeria Air then gets no investor, and WakandaAir puts in no money, It becomes a DISCO scam [14]

C. If Somebody raises a FEC memo to transfer ARIK and AERO assets from AMCON to Nigeria Air as a matter of urgent National importance. What we know should have been done earlier, before starting a new airline, proceed to D,

D. If the WakanaAir investor then strips and sell the assets to some west African Airline that will fly and operate the west-African route profitably, using Nigeria’s Bilateral Air Service Agreement, (BASA) proceed to E.

E. If WakanaAir returns home … Omo-pari-ise, Omo-rele and Nigeria Air ends up where all other predecessors went [15] You end up with the “Nigeria Air” scam.

Argue with the public facts, then deal with the reality of the conspiracy theory!

Good Morning!!


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