NCC “Ogboju” and my alleged “Odaran” is now “Itiju!”

Dear Nigeria Communications Commission,

Image result for what does Deja vu mean?I will like to draw your attention and that of the Security Analyst that wrote that piece published in the Guardian ( and The Cable (, which is a rejoinder to my facebook post (

I have since written a rejoinder to that rejoinder, which is at (

Whether the Security expert’s rejoinder was commissioned by the NCC or not, is not my concern. What concerns me, is that the corpse you buried … the feet is jutting out of the grave.

You see, I heard from the grapevine ( that you have sanctioned the people engaging in the illicit act, and indeed warned all those still engaging on the act to stop or face the music.

I knew it for a fact, that your hit the defenseless, instead of the criminals, that is if you read my article properly before responding by proxy.

Anyway, I just received a call from Ghana circa 10pm on Sunday 4th March 2018. Ghana should have been +233 isn’t it? Well, the number that showed up is 08095170840. Coming after you shut don the supposed criminals?  Kontiniu!!

Isn’t that number assigned by you to an operator? It is a 9Mobile number.

How did I know it is 9Mobile? I tried to recharge the line using GTBank’s *737# and it returned the network. Simple.

I cannot at this point resist the feeling of “Deja Vu!”

If the issue is National Security and not innovation as I was made to understand in the rejoinder, then NCC should turn this matter over to the Law enforcement agencies and I will cooperate fully in having this particular one investigated for one simple reason:

You see, I just hate it, when innocent people suffer for the negligence and incompetence of people entrusted with very critical responsibilities.

By the way, you owe me an apology for accusing me of engaging in the business without any proof beyond my motive for pointing out a wrong move.

You are free to investigate, as I advised in my initial post, but will you? Ogboju should now become itiju!!  … sadly,  “Eni to loju, loju nti!”.

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