NCC’s Call Masking U-Turn

Image result for call maskingThe Nigeria Communications Commission has finally agreed that it is indeed women who carry pregnancies, and not men. How else can you explain the volte-face on call masking and call refiling?

According to the newspaper report  “Mr. Efose Idehen, head, Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement, NCC, said in Lagos earlier this week that his team is currently monitoring persistent call masking after sanctions and warning on perceived culprits interconnect Clearing houses did not yield any result.“We have identified SIM Box operators as being responsible for call masking currently going on in the industry,” he said.

He explained that the SIM Box operators route their calls through mobile network operators (MNOs) making it looks as if the calls are coming from the mobile operators.He noted that the situation is made possible because of small difference between international call termination rate and national call termination rate”.


When the issue of call masking and call refiling started and some operators were sanctioned, I addressed the issue in an article here

In the article, I wrote: “Bring in the calls from overseas, and re-inject it into the Nigerian phone system, as if it is a local call, to take advantage of the differential rates. The fact that the call is carried over the Internet and re-injected locally is what is called “refilling”. The fact that the phone number shows up as a local number is what is called “Masking””.

How is that different from the current NCC’s position?

Indeed, through a well syndicated response in some National dailies, my position was challenged by a faceless entity who wrote: “It is most unfortunate that this writer sought to reduce the issues of call refilling and masking into voodoo or witchcraft, which only a coven of witches and wizards understand, hence his conclusion that the engineers of the regulator do not understand the technicalities of refilling”

So, would you say I am wrong? Indeed, it requires such witches, and NCC needs as many of the witches as it can get for its enforcements.

Of course, I responded to the hate-speech with and did say: “The Internet is a repository of information that anyone who knows basic Telecoms or Information Technology onions can easily infer who is “making sense” or who is “Masking Sense””.

Even after suspending poor interconnect clearing houses who do not originate calls, I did write another article: and said in it: “You see, I heard from the grapevine ( that you have sanctioned the people engaging in the illicit act, and indeed warned all those still engaging on the act to stop or face the music.

I knew it for a fact, that your hit the defenseless, instead of the criminals, that is if you read my article properly before responding by proxy”.

It is now clear to the regulator that indeed, it made a mistake. Can we therefore have the suspension on the defenseless lifted as soon as possible? Can we also intensify the hunt for the actual criminals and their cohorts?

It was Abraham Lincoln that said: “I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what’s said against me won’t amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference”

The end has brought you out wrong, and you owe some of us a simple apology. In my magnanimity, … keep it, Don’t bother paying!



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