Towards a Leaner and Meaner Government in Nigeria

We should begin to think of a workable political reform for Nigeria. Here is my own 10-Point reform agenda …..

1. Dissolve the House of representa-thieves. They (a) cost far too much, (b) struggle for constituency projects which transmutes to constituency allowances,  (c) they really do not vet the budgets, but pad it to steal more, (d) are not responsible to anyone but themselves. Proof being their approving their own stellar salaries.

2. Reconstitute the Senate to be made up of Serving State Governors. It is currently filled with Ex-governors or their proxying wives. They are all Sinators including exam cheats, certified paediophiles, failed bank debtors and those with sundry questions to answer. It will make our elections cheaper and easier.

3. Ministers should be elected. One per State. Each State should bear the cost of its own minister and aides. The portfolios are to be determined via a draw, to be administered by a renown audit firm.

4. Key ministries must be spread across the 6 geopolitical zone. Eg. Petroleum, Defense, Agriculture, Education, Health, Justice. This means that Once a State or region draws such a key ministry, it should be excluded for other draws.

5. The Prime Minister should be the Minister of Petroleum, and must be elected from amongst his colleagues, so they can willfully change a non-performer, otherwise we (the people) change all of them with our votes. Of course, remove immunity clause, except for the Prime Minister. If the PM misbehaves, the PM’s colleagues will set whoever up for prosecution within a very short time. I can assure you.

6. Drive revenue collection and reporting with ICT. Corellate all figures!! Income from Car registration must match/correlate with  number of Tires sold per state for example. Waivers and Import duty exemption must match VAT and Tax paid at the end of the production cycle for industries.

7. Legislate that ALL Government employees must be paid from IGR only and watch first, ingenuity and then development sprout from within the States and within the private sectors.

8. You will observe up to this point, that there is no Federal budget in my plans. federal budget will be totally from 10% Company Tax and 1% VAT. This will spur the growth of SMEs and other businesses who are currently bearing the brunt of Governments ineptitude and incompetence. You know we pay for Demurrage on imported PMS. Check their cost of landing fuel pls.

9. Our oil wealth will not last. It must therefore go totally into Capital development so that we can have TransNigeria FastRails, Industrial Parks, Greenbelts with mechanized and irrigated rice production systems, 1GigaWatts Gas-powered Power stations in all geopolitical zones, Low-cost housing with Government-backed mortgages for all and sundry.

10. Educated and truly Happy People, not people made happy by Guinness, Nigerian Breweries and Hennessy. We must breed those who will understand the difference between capital and recurrent expenditure. More people who will be willing to endure the pains of 2 weeks or 2 months or 2 years, so that the coming generation will not spend their entire 70, 80, or 90 years in servitude of a few clueless ones.

Feel free to discuss this or click the Share button! This is my own contribution to re-engineering our polity before 2015. Let Goodluck, Diezani, Ngozi and Lamido read and understand that they are undergoing Industrial training, and should listen to their Teachers … the masses.

Long live Nigeria.

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