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Image result for quick cash nigeriaI finally tested Quikcash today, and can report how it works, for those of you out there who do not know. Just go through my notes here, to have an idea.

Quikcash is an instant Cash loan application that does not need data to run on your mobile phone. Think of it, as your lender of last resort.

Working from an Airtel phone line that is registered to my GTBank Account, I did *554*561# It is the same number for Airtel, MTN and Glo. 9Mobile users will just use *561#

The USSD code ran, but seemed to take a little time initially.

I was offered a menu with “KwikCash”, “KwikSave”, “Info”, “Help” and “Return to main Menu” as options. I chose “KwiCash”

The USSD timeout period is long and reasonable. I was able to type my notes, in-between the responses, without the USSD timing out. Good.

Next comes the option to “Request for loan”, “Pay Loan” or “Check Balance”. I chose “Request for loan”.

Then an option to choose between



2,500 and


all at 15% for 14 days. I chose 10,000 the highest loan offered to me

It asked me for the Bank I want it to credit, offering me an initial choice of GTBank, First Bank and Access Bank, and an option for more banks. I chose GTBank.

I was prompted for my 10 digit account number, so I entered it.

I was asked to confirm the account number, which I did.

I was then asked to specify if the account is a “Savings Account” or a “Current Account”. I chose “Current Account”.

I was notified that I will have to pay the Loan+Interest and network charge totalling N11,520 in the next 14 days, and asked to agree to the terms.

Since I needed the cash badly, I actually agreed without reading the terms over again, and for the fear that the USSD will timeout. When you need cash, all reasons to be cautious simply fly away.

Within one minute, N10,000 was credited to my account. I also got an SMS that read:

“Your KwikCash loan of N10,000 has been deposited into account 002****794 at GT Bank. The balance of N11,520 (loan + interest + network fee) must be paid by midnight on Tuesday, May 08, 2018. Please dial *554*561# and navigate to “KwikCash” then “Pay Loan” to pay. Early payment will help increase your loan offers in the future”

It worked!

So, being Oliver Twist’s incarnate, I tried to borrow another N10,000 ….. I got … “You have an existing loan with a balance of N11,520. Please pay the full balance before requesting a new loan.

It is smart!

15% at 14 days, means 2500% per Annum. Not a bad business! Looking forward to Quikcash’s IPO.

It is profitable!

Let me warn you that Quikcash uses Social Shaming as a way for recovering their  money if you default. First they try to reach you to pay up. If you are not responsive, they reach your closest contacts (from your call list) to ask you to get in touch. Thereafter, they use other methods. How they determine who is closest to you, that will be contacted is left to their algorithm, do not test it.

You have been Warned!



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