Avoiding Social Media Hackers

Image result for social media hackersJust a note to anyone who may be worried that their social media (Facebook, Tweeter etc) accounts can be hacked, Porned and have their various secrets circulated on the Internet. Yes, it can be hacked n Porned. and the bad boys out there are mean and tough, and they take no prisoners.

Here are 10 quick and dirty tips to avoid being embarrassed by these “Meanest Frogos”:

1. Read all posts of interest twice and slowly, not once. My Dog is the opposite of My God but you have to read twice and slow to notice.
2. Never get inquisitive, hoping to see Jonathan doing it with Diezani. They won’t do it in public, neither will they do it on Sahara reporters!
3. If you do get inquisitive, and clicking on a picture/link takes you to a site outside your social media, think twice when asked to confirm your action.
4. If a picture or video asks you to share before you can view, think twice … there is a catch.
5. Avoid sharing what does not make sense to you, that you are being asked to share. You may be sharing more than you intend to do.
6. Avoid shares that do not explain what is being shared clearly. “OMG why I hate RIHANNA” does not look right … or does it?
7. If it is interesting enough and worth sharing … don’t be anxious … you will find it on SF’s personal website, so … stay connected with SF 🙂
8. Share this and don’t like it … if you read through, and you are not gullible!
9. Like this and don’t share it … if you skimmed through, and you are gullible!
Having read through, best to share it with your friends and associates, so that they can have some peace of mind.

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