The Fresh Prince of Hip Hop

Young men must develop all their God-given talents, if they have to make it in this shark-infested waters called Nigeria. That my first cousin – Kamo is skillful is not in doubt. A computer Science major out of UNAD, He is comfortable with Pascal, C++, C# and enough Java to cause an artificial scarcity of beans.

I am just glad that Kamo has decided to show me more skills in areas I did not know he excels – MUSIC.  I mean very hot and nice Hip-Hop. The type that will make you select “Play-in-a-loop” to really enjoy it.

Kuluso is a very nice debut for Kamo … I have listened, and enjoyed it, and I know you will enjoy it too. Here is the link to download and listen to Kuluso.

You may wish to contact Kamo directly for bookings, life performances, recording deals, or simply product  endorsements. Yeah … I like Kuluso and will like to promote it.  Did I hear anyone say …   “SAF Jazzy Men!!!”

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