Good Night, Matriach of All Hopes

My Candle and Tears, for All the Martyrs of our Corrupt and Inept System that dashes all Hopes


Sammy Hope was a great guy
He was known to hurt no fly
His motto was to always try
until the uninvited guests came by

He opened his door at their menacing cry
the cry of your life or your money
Sammy was begging, take my money
Bang, goes the sawn smoker
Bang, goes Sammy’s smokeless life.
We will Storm, Wedge and Crush them, goes the story
End of Story, no more action

Halt, who goes there? bellowed the sergeant
It is me, Kasali Hope, said the miscreant
Wetin dey for boys? Wetin you carry?
It is my first trip, will you tarry?
If I shoot your lying mouth?
Don’t be annoyed Sir, that is the truth
Sergeant pulled the trigger to signal a halt
Kasali slumped on the worn asphalt
We Serve and Protect with Integrity, goes the story
End of Story, no more action

Grandpa Hope dreads the trip,
On the last trip, he ended with a drip
He must stand, to be counted
Counted for the sin of having served your fatherland
He planned to stand for only five hours
They made him stand for their lack of plans
Mother nature does have other plans
Papa Hope slumps, he was dehydrated
Another victim of a fraud now perfected
We will sanitize pension, goes the story
End of Story, no more action

Peter Hope left early to catch his appointment
Then pursued him, a laden fuel truck
Peter brakes, way for the bully
Bully skids and belly-up
Contents spill and then comburst
Peter scorched, no, Peter charred
Road users screaming, Dial 911
What is 911? Wake up!
We will Rail the Bulls and equip NEMA, goes the story
End of Story, no more action

Aunty Hope was bright that Morn
Its the Lord’s doing. Blessings upon Blessings
She called Praise, Faith, Blessing and Charity
We will dance like David at Famous Assembly today
First hymn was sung, then testimonies
while she gloated in telling her story
Off-springs of ‘years of neglect’ homed on another target
Screeching, Screaming, Slamming and Inferno!
There goes Aunty hope and her brighter Hopes
and agony in several other homes
They are amongst us, goes the story
End of Story, no more action

Diana Hope was born to fly
Trained to smile and smile at all
She has known no job but flying
This flight was a short as short of Hour
Yet she packed her traveling case
This flight may stay the night
Mid of flight an Engine problem
Pilot requested return. No, Big man on Board
Engine stalls and men become equal, shouting Jesus
Down like a stone, goes the graceful bird
We warned them, goes the loud mouths
End of Story, no more action

and onto the TV News, by Nitemi Talatonu Agbalaaye
There has been another fatal Plane Crash with 153 on board
Suicide bomber kills 200 in Famous Church Assembly
Loaded Tanker explodes, killing 50 on the expressway
Five die on the queue waiting for their Pension
Policeman at an illegal checkpoint pulls the trigger
Bank executive shot in his posh home in Ikoyi

Grand Mama Hope recoiled and thought
Why is death so cheap and abundant?
Better to peacefully cross to the land beyond
She slept and Slept in peace. What else to hope for?

Good Night, the Matriarch of all Hopes!
… and all your promising children, who went before you!!

(c) Sunday A. Folayan. June 2012

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