Ghana Marches on, while Nigeria falls into deeper slumber

Ghana has made history again … Voting the opposition party into power. Congratulations to the never say die Professor John Atta-Mills who contested twice against the incumbent, and lost. This is his third attempt at the Presidency, and JACKPOT.It is not clear that Ghanians really want a change, not by the voting pattern, because the margin between the Government in Power (GIP) and the challenger (Not the space shuttle) was too close to call, that a small constituency had to decide the eventual winner. Some will argue that even with all the imported Iwu-ru-wuru (Apology to Prof Shola Adeyeye) from Nigeria, the opposition still dented the GIP because they had to work very hard against the arsenal of the GIP. I do not think so. The average Ghanian is well educated, and the caliber of candidates …. Above Average. Iwuruwurus will not thrive in such a sophisticated society.

Nigeria has already congratulated Ghana’s new leader, through our now “settled” Ambassador to Ghana – Senator Musiliu Obanikoro (aka Koro). Koro was PDP’s trump card to wrestle Lagos State from AC, but he fell to superior fire power from the well-oiled Tinubu/Fashola machinery.

I salute Mr John Kufuor for not manipulating the constitution to get a third term. He could have transmuted into a “Banda”, “Obasanjo” or “Mugabe”. He however chose the path of honor.

To all my Ghanian friends and Charlies … It is a new dawn for you guys, and thanks for showing the way to True and Genuine home-grown democracy in West Africa.

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