Dearth of professionals or what?

A careful survey of the top positions in Nigeria’s growing telecom market shows a declining involvement of Nigerian professionals in most of the key companies that operate in the market.

Perhaps one exception to the rule is the ever changing zain. Having executed the rename command a couple of times (celtel, Vee, vodacom, Econet etc). Zain Nigeria is run by Adebayo Ligali.

initially, I tried to explain it with the fact that we do not have the right caliber of people with the right capability to make things happen in those organizations. This could be due to the fact that they are busy running the Verizons, the Oranges and other big networks in Europe and America.

Day by day, I am coming to realize that there are other factors apart from the widely acknowledged “Brain Drain” making even the companies that tout themselves as “Proudly Nigerian” dump the slogan and turn to the far east for personnel in their technical and administrative departments.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying a company does not have the right to get the best brains and minds to run their business, but for sustainable growth of any industry, technology transfer over and above techno-colonization is the way to go.

if we do not tackle this seemingly innocent phenomenon at this stage, it will snowball into a monumental problem within a few years from now.

I do not have the answer, but daily, the question stares at me in the face … Is it a dearth of Naija Professionals or what?

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