Brotherhood of the Dark Garb

I arrived for the inspection and commissioning well ahead of time, so that I can interact with some officers and men of the force. The facility has a real-time incidence monitoring center, complete with a fitness room where officers and men must compulsorily do a daily heart-rate check after working the thread-mill for 30 minutes before going out for their beats.

The data is analyzed for early warning signs by the Police medical team. Since I took over as the Minister of Police affairs after we kicked out the inept Government, we installed and commissioned 5 of such facilities in various zones of the country, all in an effort to make the police more responsive to crime fighting and the protection of citizen’s lives and properties.

The State Police Commissioner stretched out his hand and said … welcome Sir. we are pleasing to have you here. I just finished my jogging and I will need you to help adjust my mark to pass … Sir … boys are loyal to you sir. In fact, we have a welcome package for you. They boys have been more agile at the road blocks and can chase non-cooperative vehicles for 5km. We handed the gbemu to your PA Sir.

My heart sank. Just as I made to say “You are Fired” I felt the sharp pain of the gunshot by my left arm.

No, it wasn’t a gunshot, it was my wife pinching me to wake-up and stop barking orders in my sleep!!

Darned .. I think I need help and fast, cant stop thinking of how to make the Brotherhood of the dark Garb a better cult!!!

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