An athletic chip off the old block

For 3 hours, he was in top form, running and clinching medals in 100m, 200m, lime & spoon, sack race, 4x100m apart from his haul in other predetermined events. I told them he is my “Teenage Mutant Ninja Runner”.

A parent asked if he is a chip off the old block, so I thought it was only fair to confirm to the doubting Thomases that it is indeed “Abinibi”, not “Ability” … Pronto, I got on the track for the parents’ race. at 90kg, that is what i call an Athletic Risk.

Luckily … the head was clear, and the mind took over … without drugs, the heart pumped … blood, mixed with testerone-free adrenalin circulated to the right places, tendons worked, muscles became supple and did not pull, calories burned like a 4-stroke engine, follicules opened for thermo-regulation pushing out sweat, my human gyro-compass worked, shifting my center of gravity.

My now relocated center of gravity held, I did not summer-sugar but coasted home well ahead of the closest challenger, and to a good applause. When all was done and he lifted the overall trophy for his house and team mates, all I could do was smile, remembering those day when I combined the skills of Haruna Ilerika, Dejo Fayemi and Carl Lewis even with my roger-ramjet-looking muscles then …

My mind quickly came back to the present ….

You have now surpassed my athletic exploits, Next challenge … JAMB exploits, you can do it …

Congratulations, Adeoluwa!!!

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