Change, for the sake of Change

Image result for Nigerian Voters cardLet me drop my resolve here, on the documented aggressive adventures of the Honourable Minister of Communications, Barr Adebayo Shittu.
There is still hope for President Muhammodu Buhari, and probably the APC, if the Hon. Minister apologizes for saying Owoyele Sowore is “inconsequential” on air.
Why do I think so?

That statement (don’t even consider or review the entire un-ministerial outburst) is certainly worse than the hitherto “Constituted Authority”.
So, It clearly shows that:
1. Buhari spent months to identify and recruit Minister/Saints like the troika of Shittu, Daloeng and Lai, who indeed are poster boys of that is delayed mistake, and are now his archilles heel.
2. Oyo State needs more couth leaders, especially its national exports apart from its local consumption.
3. The APC Government does not not reckon with the generation of “Science Students” and all their uncles and Fathers, not to talk of their mothers and grandmothers! I like the Yoruba expression, Iyanla-iya-won! Now you see why only 28 pupils registered for common entrance exams in Zamfara State.
4. Brawn still dominates and will continue to dominate our politics, not brains. Drop your brains at the door and pick up shouting skills, if you want to excel in Naija Politics.
5. The ruling Government has some sinister Plan B for remaining in power, other than appealing for the people’s votes. It is now our responsibility to tackle them scientifically, but definitely roughly, if only to tech them some lessons in humility and respect.
Even if you were neutral before, you could not be more challenged, inspired or provoked to go shine your PVC and wait to vote them out with relish.
I now love to see this Government go, if only for the sake of CHANGE!!
Full video of the exchange is here: Start from 55:00 for Sowore!
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