An athletic chip off the old block

For 3 hours, he was in top form, running and clinching medals in 100m, 200m, lime & spoon, sack race, 4x100m apart from his haul in other predetermined events. I told them he is my “Teenage Mutant Ninja Runner”.

A parent asked if he is a chip off the old block, so I thought it was only fair to confirm to the doubting Thomases that it is indeed “Abinibi”, not “Ability” … Pronto, I got on the track for the parents’ race. at 90kg, that is what i call an Athletic Risk.

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Bye Bye Ikemba. My Tribute to a misunderstood Nigerian

I set out to pay this tribute to the “Igbo Nation” on Facebook, as my last respect to Dim Odumegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu. I wanted to highlight the myths about this great man, his people, his vision, politics, love for beautiful women, and his legacy, as seen from the eyes of a Yoruba man, who as a toddler could not understand why brothers were killing themselves, and now as an adult, still cannot understand why brothers are still killing themselves while their rogue relatives continue to steal blue and black.

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The making of additional Farouk Mutallabs

I got the news late on Boxing day. It happened when In the spirit of the season, I called a friend (in deed) to exchange more of pleasantries that gifts. The TV came through the phone. I asked what the excitement was. On the eve of Christmas 2009, a 23 year old Nigerian boarded a KLM flight in Lagos, that will take him through the busy Amsterdam Schipol Airport and then to Detroit, the one-time Automobile manufacturing capital of the world. He bombed an American plane on American soil. Who? How? Why? The friend could not answer my questions?

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