Ibadan Plane/Quadrocopter/flying hobby gone awry. The abridged story

Image result for quadrocopterI live in the rural area, and enjoy the rousing chirps of birds every morning. Sunday 29th December 2013 started as a very slow day, with a rude Skype call at 6.30am from disgruntled Chinese domain name trader, who has promised to make me famous. Story for another day.

I got dressed at 8am hoping to go to get to church before 9.30am, but I neither got to church, nor back to my home until 9.30pm. My neighbour came calling at 9am to inform me that he just monitored the Yoruba news analysis on the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) that our missing plane may have been found in the neighbourhood. I assured him I will get to BCOS after the Service, not knowing that church was a pipe dream!

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Ten easy steps to becoming a politician in Ibadan

The following guide was issued by Ayodele Olofintuade and posted on her blog  http://totallyhawaya-haywire.blogspot.com/2009/02/t.html I reserve my comments on its accuracy or otherwise!!
I know a lot of us out there are planning to become politicians. In order to make your life easier the following steps should be should be followed carefully, especially if you are from Ibadan (sections are applicable to other PinDiPin states)
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Lessons from Gambia – I

I attended the African Internet Summit 2012 in Banjul Gambia from 4th to 18th May 2012. I already blogged about the summit, but I do have some noteworthy lessons from Gambia. Here goes  ….

On Saturday 19th May 2012, I took a day off to relax in preparation for my Journey back home. That afternoon, I honored an invitation from a “young upward and mobile” (Yummy) Gambian friend, who works at the equally upward mobile operator – QCell to attend a book Launch. What we call “Mo gbo mo ya” in Naija parlance. I am glad I honored the invitation, as it provided me with a set of take-away lessons from Gambia.

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Avoiding Social Media Hackers

Image result for social media hackersJust a note to anyone who may be worried that their social media (Facebook, Tweeter etc) accounts can be hacked, Porned and have their various secrets circulated on the Internet. Yes, it can be hacked n Porned. and the bad boys out there are mean and tough, and they take no prisoners.

Here are 10 quick and dirty tips to avoid being embarrassed by these “Meanest Frogos”:

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Rail Networks for Connecting, Employing & Uniting Nigeria

I liked the article below, and sought the permission of the Author to reproduce it here.


Instead of arguing, endlessly complaining about what is wrong with Nigeria, and criticizing everyone who might not approach problems from our unique perspectives, I wondered what could emerge if we spent that valuable time collaboratively immagineering the nation on many levels.
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A Fuss of Travel trigonometry, because My life’s Tan Thetha eq 1-1-Root-2

Half way through reading the various birthday related posts on my wall, I decided that it will be easier for me to write this note, than attempt to respond to the various posts, which all reflect the rich diversity and breadth of my Family (Same Mother or Different Mothers), Friends (Current, Ex and Excesses) and Associates (Business, Usual and Unusual).

Friends, co-workers and professional children from many generations. I am most pleased with the ones who have given me biological grand-children.

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