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Ten easy steps to becoming a politician in Ibadan

The following guide was issued by Ayodele Olofintuade and posted on her blog I reserve my comments on its

Good Night, Matriach of All Hopes

My Candle and Tears, for All the Martyrs of our Corrupt and Inept System that dashes all Hopes Sammy Hope

Lessons from Gambia – I

I attended the African Internet Summit 2012 in Banjul Gambia from 4th to 18th May 2012. I already blogged about

Glo hits a home run with Wole Soyinka

Dateline 1st August 2009. I was invited to speak at the Third Annual Future Assured Youth Development Seminar organized by

Avoiding Social Media Hackers

Just a note to anyone who may be worried that their social media (Facebook, Tweeter etc) accounts can be hacked,

Rail Networks for Connecting, Employing & Uniting Nigeria

I liked the article below, and sought the permission of the Author to reproduce it here. Friends, Instead of arguing,

A Fuss of Travel trigonometry, because My life’s Tan Thetha eq 1-1-Root-2

Half way through reading the various birthday related posts on my wall, I decided that it will be easier for

Scammed on a Senseless Cruise

Waiting they a Thousand Guests To see them take their Solemn Vow Preening much his gait and charm Always prompt

This Subsidy Thing!

An athletic chip off the old block

For 3 hours, he was in top form, running and clinching medals in 100m, 200m, lime & spoon, sack race,