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Air Nigeria

Nigeria Air and the ancient scam

Still on Nigeria Air …. Let us connect the dots and draw the lines! I am not saying it is

Nigeria Air

Nigeria Air: Not another Airline, but develop the sector

Sadly, we, and government in particular, often conflagrate the establishment of a single firm with the development of a sector.

Youths, Drugs and drinks in the Sharia states of Nigeria

I raised the issue of drug use by the sharia states two years ago precisely March 18, 2016. I wrote:

Vision, Mission and Values interplay – May God bless Buhari more and more!!

Vision: The ability to dream and come up with an idea that leap frogs the people being led, to give

Mothers: Guardians praying against all bad dreams

My pilot complained for almost two hours but Air Traffic Control just did not understand the need for me to

SF’s 2015 Todo list

Happy New Year!!   2014 was busy for me, but much more wonderful, with many people thinking I have finally

Ebola again reveals The prize of professionalism in Nigeria

The message was circulated via sms and whatsapp. It read … “Avoid First Consultants Medical Centre Ltd, Obalende, Lagos, The


I have been busy cooking …. Allow me introduce to you, the freelancing website created by Nigerians for Nigerians –

… and If I told you I am Gay?

… and If I told you I am gay?   What will you do next? Ask my wife who fathered my

Ibadan Plane/Quadrocopter/flying hobby gone awry. The abridged story

I live in the rural area, and enjoy the rousing chirps of birds every morning. Sunday 29th December 2013 started