Businesses made by God

Image result for businessesThe future of entrepreneurship in Nigeria would have been bleak, if not for a few people who are committed to systematically aiding and raising the future generation by way of internship, mentoring, capacity building and development.
A lot of the rich, I mean rich businessmen and women in Nigeria today, have no story regarding their hustle and sweat to become rich. Indeed they do not have a story to tell because their wealth is a product of corruption. If you ask them how they made it, they will say “Na God”.


Vision, Mission and Values interplay – May God bless Buhari more and more!!

Image result for buhariVision: The ability to dream and come up with an idea that leap frogs the people being led, to give them a better life not later, but soonest. “Now Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers they hated him even more” — Gen 37:5.

I recommend you read “Challenges for the race of excellence” That was the vision of the ruler of Dubai.…/My_Vision:_Challenges_in_the_Rac…