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My involvement with the JCI movement started in 1994, and subsists.
JCI – Junior Chamber International.
JCI Nigeria –
JCIN Ibadan.

Just Act; A clarion call to youths for self and economic development

Being Text of the Theme Session at the 2018 Convention of the Junior Chamber International Nigeria Collegiate LO, Obafemi Awolowo

The Relevance of the collegiate structure to JCI Nigeria

The relevance of the Collegiate Structure to the Junior Chamber Movement A keynote address presented at the 2009 Collegiate Conference

Pixes from the 2005 JCI World Congress

Very rare pictures that are Echos from the JCI 2005 World Congress. Clicking on the thumbnails open a facebook-like viewer

JCI Nigeria Documents

Click here to download the Roberts Rule of Order (PDF) JCI Nigeria Constitution, Policy Manual and Collegiate Code of Conduct