REGISTERI.NG – Goodluck Jonathan’s latest latest MIDAS touch

GOLD has been found in Nigeria, and in large quantities. This finding is definitely another great and noteworthy achievement of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s leadership … much more than his discovery of Facebook or any other serious tweets or comments by the President’s friends … and I am not being cheeky!!! 

The GOLD that has been found is not that non-rusting metal with the chemical symbol .au, but the digital gold with the International Standards Organization (ISO) digital symbol .ng

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Information Promotion, Piracy or neither? Its not your call!

I really cannot remember the movie now, but two cops were out on a sting mission. Get a couple of pick pockets. They deliberately left a wallet on an empty park seat, with one of them placing a bet that some nigger will pick it up, because niggers are thieves anyway. They took a comfortable position afar, and waited for their first victim. Continue reading “Information Promotion, Piracy or neither? Its not your call!”

Improving UI’s Computer Science Curriculum

Can a Nigerian University still be teaching FORTRAN at this age? Of what use is it to the industry? Is there any specific concept embedded on the language? OOPS? Procedural? Inheritance? Polymorphism? what exactly?

My views on improving the curriculum of the Computer Science Training in Nigerian Universities as stated eight years ago … below.

Download the PDF File here

Graduates of then are now almost Professors …. You will ask … of FORTRAN? Did you??

Dead on Arrival: a Requiem Mass for Nigeria’s foray into E-Payment

My crystal glass is for gazing only if the situation looks confusing. This one is a no-brainer.

The publicity blitz that has accompanied the move to a cashless society is money down the drain, because the much needed trust that will sustain the system is not being built.

Two recent experiences have made me conclude and strongly that e-payment in Nigeria will fizzle out, or remain elitist, once the publicity fund dries up.

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Avoiding Social Media Hackers

Image result for social media hackersJust a note to anyone who may be worried that their social media (Facebook, Tweeter etc) accounts can be hacked, Porned and have their various secrets circulated on the Internet. Yes, it can be hacked n Porned. and the bad boys out there are mean and tough, and they take no prisoners.

Here are 10 quick and dirty tips to avoid being embarrassed by these “Meanest Frogos”:

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Choosing and Registering an appropriate Nigerian Domain Name

Image result for niraChoosing the right name to register on the net is a challenge for many Internet users who want to register a domain name. Registrants who do not understand how the domain name system works, end up registering names that are not intuitive, difficult to find, difficult to type, difficult to use and above all, difficult to manage. This guide has been written to assist you select and setup the right domain name in the Nigerian Name space.

With a better understanding of the basic issues involved, registrants can better plan, choose and register simpler names that are consistent and easier to find.

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Dearth of professionals or what?

A careful survey of the top positions in Nigeria’s growing telecom market shows a declining involvement of Nigerian professionals in most of the key companies that operate in the market.

Perhaps one exception to the rule is the ever changing zain. Having executed the rename command a couple of times (celtel, Vee, vodacom, Econet etc). Zain Nigeria is run by Adebayo Ligali.

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