Eliminating Fake News and Website Cloning in Nigeria

Here are just Five easy steps to eliminate Fake News and the Cloning of Government Sites and Services in Nigeria

1. All Government organizations should stop making press releases, before updating their website with the intended Press release. The Location of the press release on their website, should always the last line in the same Press release.

2. Every Government organization in Nigeria should endeavor to put pointers on their websites to their social media accounts. People should only visit these accounts, through the organization’s website

3. All Nigerian Government organizations should be linked from https://nigeria.gov.ng. It should be the take-off point for visiting other Government Websites, and then their Social media presence.

4. The Nigeria Orientation Agency should aggressively explain to Nigerians, why it is important to follow this route.

5. Those on Social media should then share the publication of the Nigeria Orientation Agency, and the fact that they are to make these types of re-orientation workable, for the good of the entire Nation.

– Sunday Folayan.


Some questions …. As Omo-Ettu quits DBI

Engr. Titi Omo-Ettu (70+), NITEL Pensioner, Past President of the Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), Founder of CyberschuulNews and the one-man highly potent critic of the successful Pentascope scam that milked NITEL amidst our cries, is not a man to ignore when he speaks.
He had previously openly admitted that ‘ComTech industry growth is declining, future looks turbulent’ [1]
Just yesterday, he voluntarily stepped down (RESIGNED) as the Chairman of the Digital Bridge Institute (DBI), the Institution set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria, to train the needed manpower in the communications Industry, under the supervision of the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC),

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NIMC + JAMB Courtship wey the Parents?

Some early-morning muses.

On the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) courtship,  I am here trying to connect some dots. What you will call conspiracy theory of the lowest order …

1. JAMB was going to get NIMC to capture and have the candidates just submit NIN so that JAMB can pull the data from NIMC … 2 million odd candidates. Way to go. Kudos.

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The registration and domaining prospects of nigeriaair.ng

Image result for niraMany friends and associates have been tagging me up and down on social media, that the promoters of the Airline-in-formation were not smart enough to pre-register their digital asset, and that some smart-alec registered nigeriaair.ng, nigeriaair.com.ng and all its variants, and is offering it for sale at N48m or more [1].

You see, .ng a Country-Code Top Level Domain(ccTLD) and the rules are different from a Generic Top level Domain (gTLD) such as .com.

The issues and options, for those who are curious …

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NCC “Ogboju” and my alleged “Odaran” is now “Itiju!”

Dear Nigeria Communications Commission,

Image result for what does Deja vu mean?I will like to draw your attention and that of the Security Analyst that wrote that piece published in the Guardian (http://guardian.ng/business-services/much-ado-about-call-masking-and-call-refilling-sunday-folayan-and-odaran-intervention/) and The Cable (https://www.thecable.ng/much-ado-call-masking-call-refilling-sunday-folayan-odaran-intervention), which is a rejoinder to my facebook post (https://web.facebook.com/sfolayan/posts/10155512284974107). Continue reading “NCC “Ogboju” and my alleged “Odaran” is now “Itiju!””

The sacred Art of “Intelligent Intelligence” and lopsided Telecommunications Analyses.

My right to reply.Image result for sunday folayan

I read the response (https://www.thecable.ng/much-ado-call-masking-call-refillin…) of the erudite Telecoms Analyst – Kunle Arowojobe, to my facebook post (https://www.facebook.com/sfolayan/posts/10155512284974107)

I was very amused at the attempt to go after the messenger while ignoring the clear message. Sadly, the “analyst” was too lazy to research and confirm my pedigree and motivation. It is preposterous to assert or assume that I was defending my pot of soup, just as it is preposterous to assume that Arowojobe was commissioned to write the rejoinder. One can however assert that the NCC should be noble in ignoring such sycophants. Continue reading “The sacred Art of “Intelligent Intelligence” and lopsided Telecommunications Analyses.”