Rail Networks for Connecting, Employing & Uniting Nigeria

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Instead of arguing, endlessly complaining about what is wrong with Nigeria, and criticizing everyone who might not approach problems from our unique perspectives, I wondered what could emerge if we spent that valuable time collaboratively immagineering the nation on many levels.
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Fuel subsidy protest & rampaging hactivists

The recently ended week-long strike and protests brought to the fore, various forms of agitations by Nigerians yearning for good governance, including hacking of websites, reports REMMY NWEKE.
Most Nigerians woke up on Sunday, January 1, 2012 to behold what has been largely tagged as President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s alleged ‘greek-gift’ of fuel subsidy removal, which from Monday, January 2, have kept the nation tensed up with one protest or another over the fuel pump price increase from N65 to N141 per litre. Continue reading “Fuel subsidy protest & rampaging hactivists”

Towards a Leaner and Meaner Government in Nigeria

We should begin to think of a workable political reform for Nigeria. Here is my own 10-Point reform agenda …..

1. Dissolve the House of representa-thieves. They (a) cost far too much, (b) struggle for constituency projects which transmutes to constituency allowances,  (c) they really do not vet the budgets, but pad it to steal more, (d) are not responsible to anyone but themselves. Proof being their approving their own stellar salaries.

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Bye Bye Ikemba. My Tribute to a misunderstood Nigerian

I set out to pay this tribute to the “Igbo Nation” on Facebook, as my last respect to Dim Odumegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu. I wanted to highlight the myths about this great man, his people, his vision, politics, love for beautiful women, and his legacy, as seen from the eyes of a Yoruba man, who as a toddler could not understand why brothers were killing themselves, and now as an adult, still cannot understand why brothers are still killing themselves while their rogue relatives continue to steal blue and black.

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The Izi, Isi, Easy exposure of the CEJ Subsidy removal moves and its associated lies.

On December 10, 2011, if you stopped at the Mobil filling station on Old Aba Road in Port Harcourt , you would be able to buy a litre of petrol for 65 naira or $1.66 per gallon at an exchange rate of $1/N157 and 4 litres per gallon. This is the official price. The government claims that this price would have been subsidized at N73/litre and that the true price of a litre of petrol in Port Harcourt is N138/litre or $3.52 per gallon.

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My list of the Ten probable Obamas in Nigeria

Like a forceful gale, Obama did not only achieve stardom in America, he now rules the world!

Americans in their tens of millions, recognized the latent talent of the Senator turned President – Barack Hussein Obama. They defied all odds to ensure that they elect the one who brought hope while they languished under the rule of the clueless Bush, with the message – “Yes, we can!”.

I watched the precision election collation process from my hotel room in Cairo, the “too close to call, and then the calls, …. the fall of Florida and then the gracious concession speech by John McCain. What finally drew the tears from my eyes, was when I saw Jesse Jackson drop tears, in celebration of the accomplishment of his compatriot. It was moving.

The celebrations in Nigeria must have made the celebration in Kenya, or even Kogelo look like Child’s play. Very many Nigerians have consoled themselves with the assurance that there are quite a number of Obamas in Nigeria, who are waiting in the near time of tomorrow, to enact the American magic.

I decided to compile my list of the Ten probable Obamas in Nigeria. At the end, I came up with this list ….

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