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I enjoy the fun politics played in Nigeria, with all its tricks, turns and twists.

ISOC Webminar on Internet Shutdown

  The ISOC Webminar, where I joined others on a panel to discuss Internet Shutdown.

Air Nigeria

Nigeria Air and the ancient scam

Still on Nigeria Air …. Let us connect the dots and draw the lines! I am not saying it is

Nigeria Air

Nigeria Air: Not another Airline, but develop the sector

Sadly, we, and government in particular, often conflagrate the establishment of a single firm with the development of a sector.

The United States of Israeli West-Africa

I woke up to a very Interesting perspective on the “taming of the shrew” and the various diplomatic blunders and

Curbing cattle rustling and insurgency

A couple of these killers in Nigeria are cattle Rustlers. If I had the opportunity to advise the President on

Senate “House of Commotion”

I am sure you are wondering …. what is it with the Senate “House of commotion”?   Bottom line …

Change, for the sake of Change

Let me drop my resolve here, on the documented aggressive adventures of the Honourable Minister of Communications, Barr Adebayo Shittu.

PMS Deregulation: Buhari’s unfulfilled promise

According to the Fuel consumption Statistics [1] published by the Nigeria Office of Statistics, the average daily consumption of PMS

The Aka-Ikenga of Osun State

In the news, the upcoming coronation of the indefatigable “Aka Ikenga of Osun state”.   From a beaded crown perched

Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Ajaokuta Steel Rot

A Judicial commission of inquiry into the rot that is the moribund Ajaokuta steel company, openly televised like the famous