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Rampaging misguided Lagos hoodlums

So … yesterday, some misguided Yoruba traders (or hoodlums) decided to roast some Hausa traders in the streets of Lagos

Ebola again reveals The prize of professionalism in Nigeria

The message was circulated via sms and whatsapp. It read … “Avoid First Consultants Medical Centre Ltd, Obalende, Lagos, The

The ‘new Nigerian barbarians’

When the news broke last week that the renowned writer, Professor Chinua Achebe, died, a lot of us had occasion

My Oga at the Top Compilation

The Original Interview that started the fun. The Lagos State Commander of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC)

A burial and two birthdays

There are at least two times during one’s earthly sojourn when one gets to hear the nicest things being said

Nigeria: Insecurity, Security and MOPOL’s attempt to frame me for Murder in a clear Suicide case

As everyone exchanged “HAPPY New Year” messages on 1st January 2011, the SMS from my Venerable Father was … “Thieves

Fuel subsidy protest & rampaging hactivists

The recently ended week-long strike and protests brought to the fore, various forms of agitations by Nigerians yearning for good

An athletic chip off the old block

For 3 hours, he was in top form, running and clinching medals in 100m, 200m, lime & spoon, sack race,

Gusau promises the passage of the cyber security bill, reassures NIRA

  Lagos-Nigeria, January 23, 2012: The chairman, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Committee at the House of Representatives, Hon. Ibrahim