Rampaging misguided Lagos hoodlums

So … yesterday, some misguided Yoruba traders (or hoodlums) decided to roast some Hausa traders in the streets of Lagos because of a squabble at the Mile 12 Market. It is a shame because if misguided Hausas decide to roast Yorubas in the streets of Kano tomorrow, Social Media will shout Boko Haram and Islam. What will you call the show of shame in Lagos? Perfectly safe to conclude that the majority of those criminals are Moslems, why? Just check out the demography of traders in the South-Western Nigeria. Continue reading “Rampaging misguided Lagos hoodlums”

Ebola again reveals The prize of professionalism in Nigeria

ebola-virusThe message was circulated via sms and whatsapp. It read …

“Avoid First Consultants Medical Centre Ltd, Obalende, Lagos, The victim in the first case of Ebola identified in Nigeria has died in the hospital. Do not go near Obalende”.

As I read the message, My mind swung immediately, into unraveling the puzzle. How could the virus have been identified in the patient and by who?

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The ‘new Nigerian barbarians’

Image result for chinua achebeWhen the news broke last week that the renowned writer, Professor Chinua Achebe, died, a lot of us had occasion to revisit his works; we read and reread them. We talked about his writings and what they meant to us. A lot of us owe it to him that we write in our own voices.

Achebe is not described as the father of modern African literature for nothing. His classic work, Things Fall Apart, redeemed us as a people for generations to come. Where racists claim our various languages are meaningless mumbo jumbo and we needed to give them up for the civilizing power of English language, Achebe showed that our African languages are embedded with deep philosophy. And Achebe did things with words! He wrote fine prose. He wrote simply yet profoundly. He showed Africans were neither simple-minded bumbling buffoons nor barbarians. Continue reading “The ‘new Nigerian barbarians’”

A burial and two birthdays

A burial and two birthdays

There are at least two times during one’s earthly sojourn when one gets to hear the nicest things being said about one: during one’s birthdays and during one’s burial!

Birthdays are a time for felicitations and good humoured backslapping but burial comes with a cultural sentiment: do not speak ill of the dead. It is believed, I am told, that speaking of the dead person’s shortcomings is morally wrong because the person is no longer around to defend his/her integrity (if he or she had any to begin with anyway). I equally believe that this admonition is principally to protect the living more than the dead. The dead cannot be hurt, only the living can be hurt. Continue reading “A burial and two birthdays”

Nigeria: Insecurity, Security and MOPOL’s attempt to frame me for Murder in a clear Suicide case

As everyone exchanged “HAPPY New Year” messages on 1st January 2011, the SMS from my Venerable Father was … “Thieves broke into our house on New Year Eve while I was away to church with Shola, harassed mummy who was alone in the house, made away with many valuables including my Compaq EVO Computer”. I called him immediately, mused about the state of insecurity in the country as a whole assured him we are fine, no backlash on the death of Oyo State NURTW’s Eleweomo. He heaved a sign of relief. I promised to be with them on Sunday Morning – together with my family, as a mark of solidarity.

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Fuel subsidy protest & rampaging hactivists

The recently ended week-long strike and protests brought to the fore, various forms of agitations by Nigerians yearning for good governance, including hacking of websites, reports REMMY NWEKE.
Most Nigerians woke up on Sunday, January 1, 2012 to behold what has been largely tagged as President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s alleged ‘greek-gift’ of fuel subsidy removal, which from Monday, January 2, have kept the nation tensed up with one protest or another over the fuel pump price increase from N65 to N141 per litre. Continue reading “Fuel subsidy protest & rampaging hactivists”

An athletic chip off the old block

For 3 hours, he was in top form, running and clinching medals in 100m, 200m, lime & spoon, sack race, 4x100m apart from his haul in other predetermined events. I told them he is my “Teenage Mutant Ninja Runner”.

A parent asked if he is a chip off the old block, so I thought it was only fair to confirm to the doubting Thomases that it is indeed “Abinibi”, not “Ability” … Pronto, I got on the track for the parents’ race. at 90kg, that is what i call an Athletic Risk.

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Gusau promises the passage of the cyber security bill, reassures NIRA


From left: Mr, Sunday Folayan, Hon. Ibrahim Shehu Gusau and Mr. Ope Odusan

Lagos-Nigeria, January 23, 2012: The chairman, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Committee at the House of Representatives, Hon. Ibrahim Shehu Gusau, has reaffirmed that the National Assembly is working at ensuring that the cyber security bill is passed into law before the end of the current legislative session.

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