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ISOC Webminar on Internet Shutdown

  The ISOC Webminar, where I joined others on a panel to discuss Internet Shutdown.

Pastor Funke Adejumo

Debating the seeds, the planters and the harvesters

Funke Adejumo .. The seeds, the planting and the harvest … All the Pros and the Cons

Air Nigeria

Nigeria Air and the ancient scam

Still on Nigeria Air …. Let us connect the dots and draw the lines! I am not saying it is

Nigeria Air

Nigeria Air: Not another Airline, but develop the sector

Sadly, we, and government in particular, often conflagrate the establishment of a single firm with the development of a sector.

The United States of Israeli West-Africa

I woke up to a very Interesting perspective on the “taming of the shrew” and the various diplomatic blunders and

Money, Naija Money everywhere, not enough to spend.

I think we should put Prof Ishaq Oloyede in Charge of three agencies just like Babatunde Fashola. I have in

Curbing cattle rustling and insurgency

A couple of these killers in Nigeria are cattle Rustlers. If I had the opportunity to advise the President on

Senate “House of Commotion”

I am sure you are wondering …. what is it with the Senate “House of commotion”?   Bottom line …

Yoruba Proverbs and their Translations

  S/No Yoruba Proverb English Translation Notes/Comments 1. Aile fenu ko lori akapo, nii mu ki kinihun ati ekun se

Change, for the sake of Change

Let me drop my resolve here, on the documented aggressive adventures of the Honourable Minister of Communications, Barr Adebayo Shittu.