Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Ajaokuta Steel Rot

Image result for ajaokuta steel companyA Judicial commission of inquiry into the rot that is the moribund Ajaokuta steel company, openly televised like the famous Oputa Panel, will be a clear proof that President Muhammadu Buhari is determined and committed to fight the hydra-headed monster called corruption.

This is necessary in the light of the testimony of Ms Hadiza Natasha Akpoki to the House of Representatives, currently investigating the circumstances around the concession of the Ajaokuta Steel complex and the Itakpe Iron Ore plant. Continue reading “Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Ajaokuta Steel Rot”

Our lying, Ineffective Media and the Gullible Nigerians

Image result for Tunde BakareThe mainstream media quoted pastor Tunde Bakare of having said … “Anyone who knows the true state of things in Nigeria will weep for the country…. If you truly know the truth, you will weep, if you know how much we are owing as a nation, you will weep. For 16 years of PDP they borrowed N6 trillion, for three years of APC, they borrowed N11 trillion… And they are not going to pay the debt. You and I, and our children, and our children’s children will pay the debt, unless they write them off again.”

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Ebola again reveals The prize of professionalism in Nigeria

ebola-virusThe message was circulated via sms and whatsapp. It read …

“Avoid First Consultants Medical Centre Ltd, Obalende, Lagos, The victim in the first case of Ebola identified in Nigeria has died in the hospital. Do not go near Obalende”.

As I read the message, My mind swung immediately, into unraveling the puzzle. How could the virus have been identified in the patient and by who?

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Tribute and Personal tales around Baba Oluwide Omojola

Baba, making his speech at his 75th Birthday Death is a debt we must all pay. That this widely known but not widely celebrated, and for many years, totally unsung activist, died after presenting a paper at the pre-meeting of the proposed National Conference, is proof that he walked his talk, doing exactly what he swore to die doing, Activism!!

To death so bowed Baba Oluwide Omojola, the one we all call Baba. Born 13th July 1938, Economist and 1961 Graduate of the London School of Economics, Member of the Honourable Society of the Inner temple of London (1962), Fellow of the Royal Economic Society of England (1963), Life Member, Nigeria Economic Society (1984), Social crusader, NADECO (1994) Chieftain, Social Crusader, Chairperson: June 12 Coalition of Democratic Formations, Member of the South South Commission on Science & Technology. Director of Organisation: Movement for National Reformation, National Coordinator: Socialist Revolution Vanguard, Chairperson: programme Committee, Socialist Party of Nigeria. President Oodua Liberation Movement & Chairman, Board of Trustees, Aare Apapo Omo Oodua, Managing Editor: Mass Line, Member, Board of Tustees: Young Farmers Club, President of Council, Gender & Development Action, President: Action Group (Party of Environment, Labour, Human rights, Civil liberties, Political, Economic, Humanist etc. activists of Nigeria, and many other things. He took his last breath on Saturday 19th October 2013.

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Baba Omojola’s snapshots from life

Baba OmojoaSnapshots from life


Lagos, 24th August 2015 

A luck-luster life as mine does not deserve speech making. But perhaps I am living through momentous events, histrionic and gorged with cataclysms, I venture, Comrade Chairman, to glide through a few snapshots or drop-outs from life, mainly in the last century.

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ASUU, Villain or Hero in yet another struggle

What exactly is wrong with us?

Market women demonstrating against ASUU! Chai!

“Ti iya nla ba gbe’ni san le, gbogbo kekeke ama gun ori eni” … (Editor’s note: When big problems put you down, smaller ones will dance Makossa on top of you )

Most don’t know what ASUU’s agitations are really about. A good percentage of our universities’ products aren’t employable. I for one, won’t employ most of them as they are presently. Continue reading “ASUU, Villain or Hero in yet another struggle”

$70 Per Barrel Crude – The impending crisis that can ruin Nigeria

Foremost, if you have participated in milking the Nigerian cow comatose, you better start looking for citizenship elsewhere because you cannot be saved from the impending crisis that will engulf Nigeria. Yes, you heard it here, even your family will not and cannot escape the crisis. It will be worse than Boko Haram, here is why: Continue reading “$70 Per Barrel Crude – The impending crisis that can ruin Nigeria”

Why Fela Anikulapo-Kuti would have Apologized for hating Popes and Catholics

Image result for pope francisIf the Abami-Eda – Fela Anikulapo-Kuti was alive, he would have commended Pope Francis for showing how to lead the faithfuls this Easter, with his humble act of washing the feet of Prisoners. Men, Women, Catholics, Protestants, Moslems, Humans!! This man is set to bring the Church to people, and change the perception that the Church only takes, but does not give. He is giving Hope, Love, Comfort, Joy, Peace and Life!! This story says a lot about the revolution that will sweep through the Catholic world and the larger Christian faith. May God give Papa Francis the Grace to lead the Church at a time when crime, mediocrity, hate and hopelessness are all celebrated with pomp and pride. Continue reading “Why Fela Anikulapo-Kuti would have Apologized for hating Popes and Catholics”

The ‘new Nigerian barbarians’

Image result for chinua achebeWhen the news broke last week that the renowned writer, Professor Chinua Achebe, died, a lot of us had occasion to revisit his works; we read and reread them. We talked about his writings and what they meant to us. A lot of us owe it to him that we write in our own voices.

Achebe is not described as the father of modern African literature for nothing. His classic work, Things Fall Apart, redeemed us as a people for generations to come. Where racists claim our various languages are meaningless mumbo jumbo and we needed to give them up for the civilizing power of English language, Achebe showed that our African languages are embedded with deep philosophy. And Achebe did things with words! He wrote fine prose. He wrote simply yet profoundly. He showed Africans were neither simple-minded bumbling buffoons nor barbarians. Continue reading “The ‘new Nigerian barbarians’”