Azazi – Politican?, Presidential Political Adviser?? or National Security Adviser???

Owoye Azazi, Retired Army General, and the National Security Adviser (NSA) is doing the job we pay him to do. He simply earned himself an additional title of President and Party’s Critic (PPC) so says the Jonathan apologists.

What did Azazi do right? He simply broke the well known chicken-hearted-pattern, where public officers wait to be shoved out of office before they profer solutions to the myrad of problems confronting our dear country. He has shown uncommon courage and commitment to the fatherland. He simply pointed out that our National security challenges are political in Nature, and require better attention from the ruling party, over and above lip service. Did Azazi lie that Nigerian politicians can kill for political office? I say NO! That is the Koko of the matter. In the process, he chose the cane in place of porridge. Porridge may have come in the past but the cane is coming down and fast.


What did Azazi do wrong? Simple! In my own opinion, he should have, and in addition, emphasized that he never lobbied for the job of National Security Adviser. QED.


Where ignorance is bliss, is it folly to be wise? Is Azazi a National Hero or an opportunist that has chosen to bite the fingers feeding him? Is the holder of the office of National Security Adviser appointed by the President someone who must pledge his allegiance to the president or the Nation? Questions … Questions!


The apologists are bitter because Azazi’s analysis leaves a sour taste in their mouth. Azazi is from Bayelsa, and belongs to the President’s tribe. He is therefore opportuned to be in Government by the divine grace of the President, and should be wise not to bite the hand that feeds him. That is the common sense, at least … if you are not patriotic.


So … is Azazi talking rubbish?  I say NO!


It takes a thief to know the footsteps of another thief on an imprintable rock. Azazi definitely is a politician!! Between a spate of 13 months – May 2006 and June 2007, Azazi was decorated as Major General, Lieutenant General and finally General. Now, that is not as a result of fighting wars, is is simply like football points allocated in the Board Room. Azazi is fully qualified to rant the way he has done, and should not be sorry about it.


Why did Azazi commit Harakiri? Very simple. He was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. He took a very simple decision to stay on the right side of history, because doing otherwise will heap the entire blame on him because the problem is escalating by the day, under his watch. In that situation, better to confront the devil and hope for a negotiated settlement, instead of dying by drowning in the cold blue sea.


What Azazi did not say, is that our inability to know the bombers is simply an off-shoot of the fact that we do not know exactly how many we are … How much income we make in a day … How many mouths we feed … indeed, how many parasites and leeches are feeding off our commonwealth.


Azazi has demonstrated uncommon patriotism and commitment to the Nation at this time when the tribe of patriots and heroes continue to dwindle at an alarming rate.


Azazi has spoken, and may pay dearly for it, at least within the confines of the “Come and Chop” philosophy. Dear apologists, You can kill the messenger, but definitely not the message.

Newly acquired shoes are not worn on the ears, or are they? Definitely, those whom the gods choose to destroy, they first make deaf!!


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