Yoruba Proverbs and their Translations


S/No Yoruba Proverb English Translation Notes/Comments
1. Aile fenu ko lori akapo, nii mu ki kinihun ati ekun se ode won loto-oto It is the inability of the Lion and the Leopard to agree on who will be treasurer, that calls for them to hunt separately.
2. Aikoworin ni koya  je omo ejo. Ki oka siwaju, Ki paramole ati Sebe wa tele. Ki Ejola wa mo woruru bo lehin won. Tani je doju ko awon omo ajipolowo oro ninu oko? Creepers suffer when they fail to move in a convoy. If the viper leads, followed by the puffing adder and the cobra, with the python playing their rear admiral, who dare confronts these pre-dawn hawkers of such potent venom on the farm?
 3. Buruji to buru, oruko lo nro  A wicked Buruji is motivated by his name Buruji is a name. The word “buru” in Yoruba means wicked
4. Bo ba ngbo gbe gbe gbe, bi oo ba ba won gbee, won a gbe si ehinkule re ni! At the cry of Heave! Heave!! If you do not join in heaving, it will be dumped at your backyard!



5.  Adete ko le fun wara, sugbon o le da wara nu The leper cannot milk a cow, but can always spill the milk from a cow









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The SF’s Practical Guide to Rescuing the Perishing

The SF’s Practical Guide to Interacting with Atheists

As a Christian, before you confront Atheists, you must understand them clearly, especially their frame of mind and disposition. This short (ok … moderately long) guide will help your interactions.

No man is born an atheist. Atheism evolved from the perverted moral state of man and from his desire to escape from God. It is blind to the natural instincts of man. Think of it, as a woman deliberately copulating with another woman for the thrill, knowing fully well that she cannot sire an offspring (indeed asserting “procreation, my foot”). Such deliberate attempt to ignore the natural tendencies of humans are the precursors to Atheism.

There are two types of Atheists … The Practical Atheists and the Theoretical Atheists.

The practical Atheists are the Godless individuals. Those who run their lives wickedly. The ones we can call “Fadeyi Oloro” in Yoruba parlance.

Ps 10:4 describes them … “The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts”. They are known to parade their atheism when life is smooth sail but have been know to get on their knees for prayers when their life are suddenly endangered.

The theoretical Atheists on the other hand, are more intellectual and try to justify the assertion that there is no God by rational arguments. Arguments such as “Who was Abel’s Wife?” or “If there is a creator and God is the creator, who created God?

They are generally rooted in some scientific or philosophical theory. They can be broadly classified further into three, namely Dogmatic atheists, Skeptic atheists and Critical atheists.

1. Dogmatic atheists flatly deny (the fact) that there is a divine being.

2. Skeptic atheists doubt the ability of the human mind to determine whether or not there is a God somewhere. They sometimes look like Deists (those who believe there is a God who created all things, but do not believe in his superintendence and government).

3. Critical atheists however maintain that there is no valid proof of the existence of God.

The most modest (and tolerant) ones among them, will often tell you that belief in God is a delusion. That God is equatable to the spaghetti monster or the great mo-jo-jo-jo of the power-puff girls fame. God to them, is sky-daddy.

Agnosticism (indifference to the existence of God) is a form of atheism. However, the agnostics resent being called atheists. The agnostics may respect the existence of God but they cannot be bothered and will not be seen bashing God in public.

My Teacher once told me that If you get to an accident scene on the Nigerian road, classify the victims by the noise they make. Ignore the loud ones, they may have broken bones, but they will be fine. Give more attention to the quiet ones. They are the victims in distress.

When they come after me here (Which they will), you will know them by their posts and its coloration as outlined above. The noisy ones do not need your prayer or your attention. Ignore them. They are simply attention seekers.

The real atheist is the dogmatic atheist. The man who makes the positive assertion that there is no God. The one referred to, in Psalm 14:1 “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good” Those are the ones that need attention. Those are the perishing souls that need to be rescued. Do not give up when you latch onto one of them.

God bless you!

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PMS Deregulation: Buhari’s unfulfilled promise

According to the Fuel consumption Statistics [1] published by the Nigeria Office of Statistics, the average daily consumption of PMS in Nigeria is between 41m and 52m litres per day. This was the statistics in 2016. It means that the total Annual consumption will be 365 x 41m, ie 14,965million litres, or simply put, 15Billion litres per year. The figure has now risen to 55m litres in 2018 [2].

At the current retail price of N145 per litre, it means the total annual expenditure of Nigeria on PMS is N2,169Bn or N2.1Tn. Is is therefore disturbing to read in the news that Nigeria spends N774m daily on fuel subsidy [3]. Continue reading “PMS Deregulation: Buhari’s unfulfilled promise”

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Businesses made by God

Image result for businessesThe future of entrepreneurship in Nigeria would have been bleak, if not for a few people who are committed to systematically aiding and raising the future generation by way of internship, mentoring, capacity building and development.
A lot of the rich, I mean rich businessmen and women in Nigeria today, have no story regarding their hustle and sweat to become rich. Indeed they do not have a story to tell because their wealth is a product of corruption. If you ask them how they made it, they will say “Na God”.

Continue reading “Businesses made by God”

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Youths, Drugs and drinks in the Sharia states of Nigeria

Image result for nigerian drug addictI raised the issue of drug use by the sharia states two years ago https://web.facebook.com/sfolayan/posts/10153633316529107 precisely March 18, 2016. I wrote:

“Who is looking at the increased uptake of hard drugs in the sharia states of Nigeria? Seems they banished the mild alcohol (except fermented akamu) but don’t seem to give a hoot about narcotics such as skunk. Slowly and silently, those drug-using youths in Kano are dying daily and we are all to blame. How do we help curb this scourge?” Continue reading “Youths, Drugs and drinks in the Sharia states of Nigeria”

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The Aka-Ikenga of Osun State

In the news, the upcoming coronation of the indefatigable “Aka Ikenga of Osun state”.
From a beaded crown perched on his “omoge” aka Olori [1], to blings blings on trademark faded rasta jeans in the palace [2], then the pre-vote-of-thanks scuffle with the Ooni of Ife [3] and now a Coped Arabian Sultanate [4], There is no dull moment with the Oluwo of Iwo and his nice and accommodating people.

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